hey everyone it is me i beat radiata stories a while back and i discovered that it is long and confusiing at times. i don't know quite how to explain it. if you chose the humans side you can get samurai armor at the end and a Katana. but if you chose the elvin side you get cool loking general armor and legendary weapons. go with elvin first it is so cool. so thats all for now later.


hello everyone it is me again i don't recall the maker of this art piece but it is a beutiful work all the same. and i know there are fans of this show so i thought that ya'll might like this. oh and i will be updated the background soon.


hello once more from light the computer wont work right anymore. i have found some awesome anime from my time on theOtaku and other online art sites and i would like to say that i am not as good as most out there. i need more practice . does anyone know why adult swim started code geass over so close to the ending it bothers me. oh and what new anime have they come out with i don't go to the store often so i don't really know? Here is a picture that i found that is one of the best i thin so far.

hello everyone.

hey everyone i am light i am happy to see the updated site it blew my mind when i saw it this site is for all who cae to talk about anime and share their ideas about future anime an...

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