hi welcome! this is a world were troublesum shikaand i make our anime holidays and celebrate them enjoy!

~Ls army

Missons List


  • catch Kira on camera(post a pic of kira)-five points
  • post your ocs profile-two points
  • draw your oc-ten points
  • get other people to join-three points
  • work on fan fic-five points;extra five if your first

May add on later.....This message has been provided by L(CateLocust) and has been aproved by L(the original Lryuzaki(sp?))please start right away,
your president and friend,
When everthing is gone,fight for the right to get it back

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Make Fun Of A Vampire!!!!!!!!! (Twilight)

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Okay! A NEW HOLIDAY!!!!!!! WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! OKAY! All you gotta do is make fun of one of the twilight characters. Post a Picture or joke or something of that sort on NOVEMBER 26 TO DECEMBER 3!!!!!
Heres my Piccy:

Incase you cant tell Im Making fun of TWO Vampires! And Bella! Kinda!
Enjoy your Holidays!!!!!!!

L day to do list

Alrighty! Heres what you should do on L day;
#1: Eat sweets
#2: Bite nails
#3: Sit like him
#4: Drink tea with sugar
#5: Make pics, Wallies, and Ecards for L!
#6 watch deathnote episodes the ones that have L in them!

Have Fun on L day!

L dayy!!!

hi next saturday is l day itsthe 28th every month. next time 'll tell u what to do on this holiday lol.