Merry Christmas

today was a wonderful day for me . it was the first time eating in a japanese restaurant , im still so happy . i tried shake sushi , miso soup and tofu no gomoku. after that i came home and watched anime , i saw the last episode of parasyte that just aired , and gugure kokkuri-san . i hope everyone had a wonderfull day because its Christmass so Merry Christmass everyone ^_^

ss wishlist

Anime :
Tokyo ghoul
Mirai nikki
Steins gate
ookami shoujo to kuro ouji
nagi no asukara

Manga :
majin tantei nougami neuro

so this are some of the anime/manga that came in my mind now .
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happy halloween

everyone happy halloween .
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high school

ive started high school thats why i havent been here these days . well i was a little exciting when i first started because the school is new , the teachers and the students , there were so many new faces . anyway ive got some of my friends there and i wasnt alone when i first got there . but now i ve got a lot of peoples to talk to and im happy that my best friend is with me too.ive met some otakus and people that listen the same music as i like metal and hardcore and lol im happy , i can talk about anime at school XD . and about the lessons , of course they are more difficult . i got advanced math and germane as elective subjects . the german language is very interesting and i like it a lot btw i was learning german now before i got here at theO. i hope i get good grades , and yes i need to go to study . i miss theotaku a little but i dont have free time and im sorry that i still havent finished the answers for the tag , gomenasai . hope everyone here is okay and see u soon .
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arigato everyone that was part of my challenge . and about the prizes i still havent finished them . i think that i will finish them till the end of the other week because i dont have enough free time . im sorry , but ill make sure to finish them as soon as it is possible .