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imhappyplz: the origin

While working on some homework for art class i ran into some interessting info about everyone's favorite smiley, imhappyplz. where did it come from? well how bout you clickety click this link right here and find out. ;P
(before anyone asks, the reason imhappyplz and homewrok are used in the same sentance is because i was drawing the Mona Lisa with, you guessed it, the face of imhappyplz. maybe i shud post it on theO and see what other people think of it )

Yet another video

SKIP TO 0:33!!!

Another video

If Osaka had her own anime, this would be the opening. (From AMV Hell 3)

Another cool video

in order to save time, i suggest skipping to 2:05. why should you skip to 2:05? because it takes one of the funniest azumanga daioh scenes and makes it atleast 3 times as funny! the rest of the video is okay, but the part you must see is 2:05