Mind of L

All these murders.
These killings must end.
And I will be the one to end them.
One person, I am sure.
Hundreds of victims, perhaps,
But only one killer.
Hundreds of victims.
Hundreds of criminals.
But no matter.
A victim is a victim,
Just as a murder is a murder.
But this killer is clever.
As clever as I am myself.
A tough opponent.
One that I must bring down.
These killings cannot continue.
Some people see these killings as righteous.
The only victims so far are, after all, criminals.
But they do not see things the way that I do.
They do not understand.
Not at all.
These killings, these murders,
Are not righteous.
The crime rates have gone down,
As I must admit,
But that does not make these killings right.
Far from it.
But I will catch this killer.
I am justice.
And justice will prevail.