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Im sorry my otaku's

Hi everybody , i havent been making many post recently and i apologize for that. I want you all to know that you guys are my greatest friends in life and i hope that we can stay together forever.You all have made me laugh and smile thru my worst times weather it was making me smile with an Ecard or cheering me up in the chat rooms. So to Sojirem, Haven Relis , Sasusaku 4ever, moonlight riku, rikusgirl101, animealert, inusha, bossman Adam, L's army, kami-chan.x3, rhionna, raisha, megumi otori, XxDirEnGreyxX666, moonlit dream, troublesom shika, lunastarz, shizuka101, SailorJuipiterFF7, otomi babii, Ryo, heartstop, everlasting storm, yoko 0123, sirlawliet, blood moon wolf, asagi taichou and all my other darling beloved friends on theO you have been no less than a family to me and i will keep you guys in my heart till the very end.I just wanted you all to know how much you mean to me. Theotaku.com was never just a website to me , it was always my home and it always will be, there isnt a day in my life were i dont thank god for everyday he has given me with you all.So to all my buds and babes ,Make sure you stay freaky !

-0taku baby ^_^

Matt cosplay

I am almost done with my Matt cosplay from death note but the vest is such a pain in the face to make , i have the correct pattern but i dont know weather to hot glue the fur on the vest or make a pathetic attempt in sewing it on , any of you guys got a suggestion ? (god! i havent posted in forever ,so sorry!)

Death Note 3 !!!!!

Death Note the moive 3 is coming out soon !!!! how many of you are chacking it out !!!??? XD ^_^ Im going in my Mis-Misa coustume !!! ^_^

Cosplay tradgety !

I dont know who to cosplay as to the upcoming megacon ! I have so many cosplay options

-Misa Amane (death note)

-L (death note)

-Ranma Saotome (ranma 1/2)

-Vampire bride (bite me turo)

-Maid (My original cosplay)

-Misty (pokemon)

-Light yagami (death note)

-Near (death note)

-Matt (death note)

-Akane tendo (ranma 1/2)

-Sanako Nakahara (the wallflower)

-Winry Rockbell (fullmetal alchemist)

So many choices !!!!! help me out here !!!! make a suggestion please !

I put the DEATH in Death Note !

My School has gotten to be a real pain ! im thinking i should just go to Sojirem and borrow one of her Death Notes and ask her to help me out with some "problem" students ^_^ Muahahahaha !!!!