I love animation and animated movies, whether it's a good old Disney classic or a fresh, new film from an independent studio. I'm hoping that many of you feel the same way, and I have created this world to show my love for this amazing genre.
If anyone would like to join, I'd be happy to have you! PM me anytime or leave a comment on any world posts.
This world is for ALL animation types, which means (*pause for dramatic effect*) that anime is allowed (and accepted!). :D

Just a note that I follow several animation and fandom blogs on tumblr, which is where I get all these images and stuff from. And any fanart I post is NOT mine unless I specify that it is.

Recently, I've started posting reviews for animated movies as well. Go here to read them.

The Rules:
1. No hating/flaming. Even if it's not your favourite, it may be someone else's.
2. I encourage you to post, but keep things to a PG-13 rating. I hope this won't be a problem...
3. Fan art (yours and others) is totally allowed :D
4. Have fun!

A quick note: I'm a bit biased, I'll admit. I'll post tons of things about my favourite animated movies. But here's the good part: SO CAN YOU!

Villain songs are the best :D

So I only discovered this song recently when I got a "Disney Villains Song" compilation CD. I remembered seeing The Emperor's New Groove a loooong time ago, and really liked this song, despite the fact that didn't remember it being in the movie. (And I usually remember villain songs...)
So, being bored one day, I Googled it.
And discovered that this song was recorded, cleaned, and COMPLETELY CUT from the final product because the plot of the movie changed so much.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you one of the greatest villain songs that never made it into the movie: Snuff Out the Light (Yzma's Song), performed by Eartha Kitt for the movie The Emperor's New Groove.