I love animation and animated movies, whether it's a good old Disney classic or a fresh, new film from an independent studio. I'm hoping that many of you feel the same way, and I have created this world to show my love for this amazing genre.
If anyone would like to join, I'd be happy to have you! PM me anytime or leave a comment on any world posts.
This world is for ALL animation types, which means (*pause for dramatic effect*) that anime is allowed (and accepted!). :D

Just a note that I follow several animation and fandom blogs on tumblr, which is where I get all these images and stuff from. And any fanart I post is NOT mine unless I specify that it is.

Recently, I've started posting reviews for animated movies as well. Go here to read them.

The Rules:
1. No hating/flaming. Even if it's not your favourite, it may be someone else's.
2. I encourage you to post, but keep things to a PG-13 rating. I hope this won't be a problem...
3. Fan art (yours and others) is totally allowed :D
4. Have fun!

A quick note: I'm a bit biased, I'll admit. I'll post tons of things about my favourite animated movies. But here's the good part: SO CAN YOU!

I'm just going to leave this here

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By day, he is everyman Doug Walker. By other day, he is THE NOSTALGIA CRITIC - movie critic extraordinaire.
For those of you who don't know, The Nostalgia Critic is a web show about a guy who reviews nostalgic movies and TV shows, usually accompanied by a lot of screaming. Why, you may ask, am I posting about him on a world dedicated to animation? Well, my dear followers, the Nostalgia Critic had a lot of
success reviewing Disney movies in his Disneycember series. And now, he's begun a simliar project: DreamWorks-uary. (This DreamWorks fan is very pleased.)
So I'll be compiling the DreamWorks-uary reviews here as well as the Disneycember ones, because even though I don't agree with some of his opinions, he is very entertaining and gives legitimate critiques of these classics.


In DreamWorks-uary:
(Please beware that NC's videos do contain some language and content. However, these are tame since they're just simple reviews.)
The Prince of Egypt
The Road to El Dorado
Chicken Run

He's only got these up so far, but I'll add more to the list when he posts. (These are also from YouTube rather than TGWTG because it runs on BLIP format, and doesn't run on some computers like mine.)
I hope you enjoy this and I will be adding the Disneycember reviews at a later time. (It's gonna take FOREVER.) D:

Clopin has the best Disney singing voice and no one can convince me otherwise

Ha. The title of this world post is my current FB status.


So I recently acquired a copy of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I LOVE THE MUSIC! It's got an amazing score and amazing singers. Seriously, if you don't want to listen to this song all the way through, just listen to Clopin's last note. HE HITS IT FULL-FREAKING-VOICE. It's glorious.

Not to mention, the movie also has one of the best (and certainly Disney's darkest) villain songs out there, Hellfire.

I might do a Disney songs showcase project on here. It sounds like it could be fun. :D

~Be Happy~

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I squeed. I admit it.

It was a great year for us.


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Ever since the Sandy Hook shooting, tumblr (and in particular the ROTG fandom - but that might be because that's mostly my fandom on there) has been very supportive in spreading awareness and kind words to everyone involved. This piece just happened to come up in my dash a few minutes ago and though it's sad, it's still sweet.
Remember the victims, but also remember the heroes.