I love animation and animated movies, whether it's a good old Disney classic or a fresh, new film from an independent studio. I'm hoping that many of you feel the same way, and I have created this world to show my love for this amazing genre.
If anyone would like to join, I'd be happy to have you! PM me anytime or leave a comment on any world posts.
This world is for ALL animation types, which means (*pause for dramatic effect*) that anime is allowed (and accepted!). :D

Just a note that I follow several animation and fandom blogs on tumblr, which is where I get all these images and stuff from. And any fanart I post is NOT mine unless I specify that it is.

Recently, I've started posting reviews for animated movies as well. Go here to read them.

The Rules:
1. No hating/flaming. Even if it's not your favourite, it may be someone else's.
2. I encourage you to post, but keep things to a PG-13 rating. I hope this won't be a problem...
3. Fan art (yours and others) is totally allowed :D
4. Have fun!

A quick note: I'm a bit biased, I'll admit. I'll post tons of things about my favourite animated movies. But here's the good part: SO CAN YOU!

Rise of the Guardians

I know I already posted this trailer, but it's SO DARN EPIC.
November can't come fast enough.

Rise of the Guardians - Dreamworks

More Secret of Kells

External Image

For anyone who hasn't seen this movie yet, it is FANTASTIC. The animation is so detailed and the style is wonderful, and it's surprisingly dark - a good blend of everything I love in movies.

I have lived through many ages,
Through the eyes of salmon, deer, and wolf.
I have seen the Northmen invading Ireland,
Destroying all in search of gold.
I have seen suffering in the darkness,
Yet I have seen beauty thrive in the most fragile of places.
I have seen the book;
The book that turned darkness into light.

-Aisling, The Secret of Kells

You must go where I cannot...

External ImageExternal Image

Aisling, from one of my personal favourite movies The Secret of Kells.

Some good old-fashioned Disney

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Because I can

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