I love animation and animated movies, whether it's a good old Disney classic or a fresh, new film from an independent studio. I'm hoping that many of you feel the same way, and I have created this world to show my love for this amazing genre.
If anyone would like to join, I'd be happy to have you! PM me anytime or leave a comment on any world posts.
This world is for ALL animation types, which means (*pause for dramatic effect*) that anime is allowed (and accepted!). :D

Just a note that I follow several animation and fandom blogs on tumblr, which is where I get all these images and stuff from. And any fanart I post is NOT mine unless I specify that it is.

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The Rules:
1. No hating/flaming. Even if it's not your favourite, it may be someone else's.
2. I encourage you to post, but keep things to a PG-13 rating. I hope this won't be a problem...
3. Fan art (yours and others) is totally allowed :D
4. Have fun!

A quick note: I'm a bit biased, I'll admit. I'll post tons of things about my favourite animated movies. But here's the good part: SO CAN YOU!


I searched Bee and Puppycat her and found nothing. So I'm taking it upon myself to bring this wonderfully creative show here.
For those of you that don't know what Bee and Puppycat is, it is described as this:
"Bee, a reluctant hero, becomes entangled in the adventures of a puppy (...or is he a cat?) as they travel between reality and the void of Fishbowl Space. Created by Natasha Allegri, character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time. We can neither confirm nor deny the autobiographical nature of Bee & Puppycat."

Also you officially can't say that you have no time to watch this because part one is only six minutes long.

Part two is going to be up soon!
Just give it a watch because it's cute and hilarious and awkward and I'm kind of obsessed.

That awkward moment when the HTTYD fandom takes over School of Dragons

What to do with all... this.

So remember that speculated post I made a while back talking about how some sketches were released for HYYTD 2 that made the kids look about 5 years older?
Uhm... here's the reason why the fandom has basically exploded with feels.

I love how they waited until the last possible second to reveal his face.
My opininon?
Um... *clears throat* *coughs* &screams internally*...damn.

Makin' up a song about Coraliiiiiiine...

External Image

Regardless if you liked this movie or not, you have to admit this is awesome.

Petition to make him the official DreamWorks Animation logo

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