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Here's something new, this is a game where all of you are invited to join and make an epic novel with urs truely. And it is all thanx to my online awesome daughter Sakkee aka AngelsofDarkness.

Ok so here are the rules of the game

Basically I start a a story, of a page long... (basically to you guys.. essay length lol XD)

Once I have finished my part of the story the next person picks up and then the next and the next and so on and so fourth.

It would be easier if you like say a little post first saying its my turn or I have an idea for the next bit of the story, before actually writing out your sigment. That way we won't have three people writing at once, if two people type that they are doing the nest sigment of the story, the first person who is posted to the wall gets the sigment and the second needs to wait for the first to finish her or his bit to follow on from there's if that makes sence

It is ongoing and all I ask is to have fun, keep it moderately serious aswell though, it's a book so give the readers something good to read and just enjoy yourselves and let ur imaginations run wild.

See you in the story for now,.... ciao

Oh and keep the main characters as they are, but Im pretty sure as everybody is involved that Kee won't mind if we add characters in when we want to hehe ^_^

And like I said have fun hehe

main characters: Celeste - angel
King Dacian - Vampire king
Gabrian - Celeste's dad
Sakkee - Daughter to King Dacian and Celeste

Sakkee is Half an Angel and half an vampire. The story starts in the heavens where Celeste is watching the world and all its splendor from her little mirror to the mainlands which we call earth :-

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Short Story of the RoundRobbin


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Chapter 10: A New Beginning

Heart pounding, Celeste whipped around, trying to grasp where she was. An alley, dark and narrow, with a foul-smelling drunk laying next to her. London, 18th century, said a voice inside her head. She had no idea how she knew that. What was going on?

Celeste felt dizzy. She looked down at herself--and nearly screamed. She was completely naked, her creamy white skin exposed. She shot a hasty glance at the drunk, but, thank God, he was asleep.

Taking a few deep breathes to calm herself, Celeste rose to her feet. The alley was filed with trash and rainwater;it wasn't pleasant, to say the least. But right now she had bigger things to worry about. First: she needed some clothes. The alley yielded nothing but rubbish--but wait. What was that? Over in the corner, nearly hidden, was a long, thick piece of cloth. It was blue, and covered with dirt and mud, but it would do.

Quietly, so as not to wake the drunk, Celeste took the cloth and got to work. After brushing off most of the dirt (the mud wasn't coming off;that was clear) she wrapped the top of the cloth around her chest, letting the rest fall to the ground. Now to secure it--but with what??? She could find nothing that would work in the dank alley; but again, the fates were on her side. For in the pocket of the drunk, half poking out, was a small clump of pins.

For a moment she hesitated, terrified to go anywhere near the disgusting man. His clothes were full of holes, and his teeth were yellow and broken. But finally, Celeste steeled herself enough to dart out her hand, snatch the pins, and whip her hand back. Through it all, the drunk slept on, his breathing slow and easy.

Thank the Lord, thought Celeste, her own breathing ragged. How was she going to live like this if something as trifling as this terrified her so much? But no, it was useless to think that way. Pushing away her panic and doubt, she got to work pinning her "dress."

There. Celeste had forgotten how wonderful clothes were, how frightening and unsteady you felt exposed. But there was still a problem: sleeves. She'd made her "dress" strapless--and she knew that 18th century London was not a place a woman was allowed to go out even slightly uncovered. What was she to do now??

Looking down, she realized that the dress was too long; fabric trailed along the ground. If I cut it off.... she thought. Yes, that might work. But what can I cut it with????

She knew it was foolish to discover a knife hidden somewhere in the alley; she'd have to figure this out on her own. Looking around, she spotted a long, sharp piece of glass; uneven and ragged, but sharp all the same. Celeste picked it up and, after sitting down again, proceeded to hack off the excess cloth.

It was slow going: the pins made the dress hard to move around in, and she had to bend all the way over in order to reach the bottom of the cloth. Finally, though, the extra cloth was gone, firmly clasped in her hand, the bottom of her dress ragged and uneven. She tossed away the glass and wrapped the cloth around her shoulders like a shawl. Satisfied, Celeste began working on her second problem: where could she go?

Anywhere that's not this alley, she decided. I'm not staying near that man for another minute. And with that, she began walking towards the light at the end of the alley, into civilization.

The sharp light blinded Celeste as she walked out. As her eyes adjusted, she drank in the sight before her:

A wide, bustling city street, crowded with people, children, animals. Tall buildings rose up around her, and wagons thundered along cobblestone streets. Vendors gathered everywhere, shouting out their wares.

It was incredible.

Quickly, Celeste began walking. She was relieved to see that, while she didn't exactly blend in, she didn't really stick out, either. A few people stared curiously, but she brushed them aside as she walked along.

Then- Celeste happened to swing her head towards a small shop. And, in the shop window, she saw... herself.

But... it couldn't be her, Celeste. Celeste didn't have hair so black and thick it resembled ravens' wings. Celeste didn't have eyes so dimly blue they were almost green. Celeste's skin wasn't white, white as the fallen snow. But this girl did.

Shock overcame her, and she forced herself to look away and keep walking. Thoughts whirled around in her head. What...What have i done?? What is going to happen to me? Her choice, her leaving from the world of Angels... it felt real now, permanent. She was the girl in the window now-- and she always would be.


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Chapter 9(( decision time))

"I will follow him. My rightful place is by his side. I know it will cause dis loyalty to all Angel's and to my father, but, My heart... it calls to the one I love, and so because of that, I will always follow him." Celeste was looking down throughout all of this. It seemed the decision did hurt her to say more then she was letting on.

Do people always give up the one thing they love and treasure more then anything else for the people they truely love all the time? Is this sacrafice justified? It has to be... With me by his side I can protect him from Angelo, for I am sure he will be after him, knowing that I chose him over the city of Angels... I'm sure alot of Angels will be after him. But then, do they have the right to be after him. It was my choice to follow my love. Twas My own free will. A free will that was granted by our lords messenger the seriphim herself.

Celeste faced the Seriphim infront of her. Her eyes moving towards the seriphims face slowly. "I have made my choice." Determination in her face and the way she stood she did not move a muscle or stare away from the magnificent being. She did not care that she saw nothing but sorrow in the seriphim's face. She had Made her choice. She was to now be with the man she loved. She was to be with her King Dacien. The king of all the vampires.

The seriphim seized to float and instead walked towards the young Angel. "Your wish is granted, you may return with your lover to the main land. Be sure to hold strong and true, no matter the harshness of that world. You are a human now, and so you will have only one chance at this one life, you will not reincarnate like other humans. Once you are gone, your soul will seize to exsist. It is a harsh fate to pay, but if this man is worth all you say he is worth... then I am sure you are making the right decision."

With one hand on Celsete's head she poured out a pure glow of light and love which engulfed Celsete's body.

As the glow dimmed Celeste was no longer an Angel, her hair was black with no other colours, her eyes a dim blue of what it used to be. Her back bare and her skin snow white.

She was no Angel but she was a beauty like no other. Her long lashed eyes flicked open.

Confusion mingling her thoughts as she looked around her. Where am I?

Her thoughts swirling, were her eyes playing tricks or was she not in the realm of Angels anymore. She looked up from her kneeling position, to see wastage sitting lazily beside her.

With one slender arm she pulled herself up. She was not in the Angel's realm anymore. She was in a back alley of 18th Century England London. And she was completely naked.


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It seems like it's easy to know whats going to happen... but will it really become a happy ending? or is there more drama's waiting in store for Celeste and Dacien... keep reading to find out ^_^


Chapter 8 (( The Entrance to Hell))

Celeste's Eye wide with fear looked from right to left, behind the crack of the door. She took all of her surroundings in. This place, she had barely stumbled on, was like the gateway to ones personal Hell. Or maybe, Heaven's personal Hell.

What she was seeing was the poor unsettled souls of Angels that had died down here... recapturing the dreadful years of war, over and over and over again, like a film reel that had gone wrong and was looping itself.

Celeste held her terror, in trying to force herself not to scream out in agony. *Why... Why did it have to happen?* She thought to herself with such sorrow.

Her eyes were stinging again. She felt the erge to move into the looping room. The Angels that were suited up for battle, with red tunics and Gold armour were brandishing swords at undeniable evil forms. The forms of demons, looked like nothing more but smokey dogs with red gleaming eyes. claw like tallons swipeing at the Angels, long and thick as twigs. Long and sharp enough to dismember there openents... To Celeste's horror, some of the Angels had to suffer that exact fate. Others had there wings skimmed off by the evil beings claws... branding them useless and mortal.

She couldn't take her eyes away from the bloody battle. The blood some how merging in with the red sunset of the background. Only this sunset did not look beautiful. It looked Deadly, and sinister. The sky itself to mortal eyes would whisper that war was above them. Screaming death to pure good Angels everywhere.

Eyes filled with tears and spilling over her dry with old salty tear streaked cheeks,Celeste was about to open the door wider, to try and save her amcestors from further torment. When suddenly a force so strong, made the door to which she was prying, slam shut suddenly, and become locked.

Celete screamed in agony, trying her hardest to open the door. When she finally realised that her attempts to free the souls were futile, she swung around fast to see who was behind her.

Her eyes filled with such hatred to being denied the responsibility of saving the souls. She cried out in anger at the being who floated 10 feet away from her.

"WHY!!!!????" She screamed with anger "WHY DO YOU DENY ME!!"

The being came forwards, an Angel, with eight wings, A seriphim. Celeste's eyes opened wide and she instantly fell to her knees bowing before the beautiful high Angel of the higher Heavens. One of there Gods messengers had come to her. But Seriphims were practically royalty in the heavens. Of all Angels, there was no higher honour, to be made into one, or even to be faced by one. Why would royalty come to her.. now of all times?

"Please" Celeste's voice was small and timid. "Please forgive me." Her eyes tearing up again, feeling darn right rude, she let her own wings droop around her. A sign of defeat and loyalty within Angels.

The Seriphim floated there, looking at her. Her wings magnificent and huge, and gold/white. "Stand my child" She replied softly, with love in her voice. "There is no need for such sorrow. And there is nothing you can do for the souls within there." She pointed to the room behind Celeste.

Celeste looked back at the room. As her head came back to the Seriphim, her it drooped. "I really want to help" She replied.

"The dead of the past, can not be helped. They are not here now, so we can only let them move on when they are ready. We messengers have our eyes on them my dear. We will open the portal to higher realms when they are ready. But they are not in physical pain to the injury's in which you witnessed dealt to them. It is more the Ghost of the memory to which you saw in there. Those souls are safe believe me, and the demons that you had witnessed have long been vanquished and cast away."

Celeste looked into the higher being's eyes. Celeste's eyes were pained by the trauma in which she had seen. But she tried to understand what the Seriphim was saying. She sighed, nodding she decided to take what the Seriphim had siad as fact. No Seriphim had steared anyone wrong before.

It was there job to protect and send messages from God, And protect all of Gods souls on Earth. Just like any Angels. Their jobs were more concentrated and alot more important thats all.

Their has only been one Angel that had fallen as he wanted more power, and that was the Devil himself, the only fallen Angel.

"Do I need to learn something?" Celeste asked. Realising there must be a reason that a Seriphim had been brought to her at this moment in time.

"You do not belong in this place dear child. You will be freed. God is not happy with what Has happened to you. He specifficly asked me to come help you. But he gives you a choice."

The shining Angel put up one finger, to indicate Celeste had one opportunity, and one choice, So she had to choose Carefully.

Celeste nodded feeling excited at freedom. " What does our lord ask of me?"
The Seriphim smiled lovingly, her shining blue eyes warm, her white long hair, cascading around her like whispy clouds.

"You must choose whether you would like to leave for the main land to be with the man you love and desire" She paused

Celeste's eyes widened. *They knew... of course they did, how could they not. They see everything... But... their ok with my souls choice? GOD'S Ok with my souls choice?* Her eyes started to brim with happy tears. "Whats the other?" She choked out.

" The other? Well.. To stay an Angel and become the Arch Angel we all know you were destined to be". The Seriphim fell silent.

Celeste was about to answer immediatly when, just as she was about to open her mouth The Seriphim suddenly over rode her. It was as if she had read Celeste's mind. " Be watchful though young Angel. If you choose a life on the mainland, you will lose your wings and be stripped of the title of Angel. With this, you will also be stripped of any memories of ever being an Angel and having a life in the Heavens. You will be starting completely a new. As an Mortal. A fallen Angel."

Her smile dimmed and she looked stern but sad. "Are you willing to take this risk on love?"

Celeste's eyes looked up at The Seriphim in determination. Her eyes wide and business like....


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