Welcome to Suzu's World of Pizzas. No, there's no pizza here. It's just a silly name for a silly world. XD

Suzu is just short for Suzumehime, which is my username for DA.

Latest Wallpaper Again!

It's Byakuya in a suit.

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Click the above picture to download the wallpaper.

Latest Wallpaper!

Haha made this one from my BG for Suzu's World of Pizzas. XD

External Image

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I will try to make more e-cards when I'm not busy. So hold on to your seats. =P


Welcome to My New World

So deleted the old one because I felt like making a new world instead.

Might rename the name if I can think of a better title for the world instead of Suzu's World of Pizzas where there is no single pizza here. XD