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My name is; a n a s l i n a a.k.a A-CHAN! & I am an OTAKU!

This is my second account, my old one was made a couple years ago & I just wanted to make another one. >_< I love myOtaku; and sooner or later I will put up my artwork and own manga.
Manga & anime have been apart of my life since I was in first grade & ever since then I've been in love.<3 I've drawn my entire life; & have gotten better throughout the years, I still think my skills are mediocore >< well that's for everyone else to judge. Hopefully my work will be put up soon; & I hope I can be friend with everyone or anyone ^w^

Please feel free to PM or anything! I also have a GAIA if anyone has :3

I do request! >w<

Sayako~ :3 & etc.

Heey everyone! :D Sayako; my fan comic has started! >w< The art might be crappy sometimes but I'm trying my best because I'm really busy lately with sports and camp and volunteer work. It might not be what some peopl...

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Heey everypeoples! It's A-chan here writing her first post!

I just wanted to let everyone know my first two artworks have been posted up so please check them out// comment & even criticize. I KNOW i messed up a lot but hey; tell me it, I'd rather let YOU guys tell me what I should do to improve OKAAAAAAAAYS? >:3

I am now currently working on a SUMMER FUN :D Introducing two new character who will eventually be apart of the kindaSOON TO BE MADE FANCOMIC SAYA-KO!*cheersclaprarscheertearswohos*

Well that's all for now! Sayonara! :D