what is an amv?

  • A anime
  • M music
  • V video

hello ^^ this is a world that i have made just for the sole reason of uploading amv's
so if i or anyone else ever uploads something here you'll know its an amv posted
+ if you just ever wana see a good amv then come here!!!!
if you wana be able to guest post then just aske ^^

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rules of the upload 0w0!!!!!!

if you have no idea what to title it then just put the name of the anime and the song
when ever you post an amv be shure to put what anime it is one the "catagory(optional)" box so if some one is looking for a partiqular anime then they can just filter throw it and tag if you wish
be shure to give seashur warnings or any kind of pg13 parental guidence thing ...but i dont realy care so you can ferget that rule unless its REALY STORG AND WILL AFEND SOME ONE

video of the week ^.^

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lol! this video makes it seem like they like each other!lol

ps: if my back ground is of anyway a distraction/anoyance let me know and i will change it ^^

a darker type of amv

[Re-Evo] 緋色のSuicide

enjoy ^^
anime: garden of sinners

tik tok

short kh vid from youtube ~enjoy

song:deaper and deaperã Artist: Cinema Bizarreã


and if you wana add amv's to this sight then comentor pm me about being a guest poster


this is like the only yaoi pairing i like. there not gay though but i could dream XD.they look so cute together

parralel hearts amv

anime: Pandora hearts
song: parallel hearts. Pandora hearts opening

iv really gotten in to this anime. its currently on episode 22 the next one comes out on Friday and its 25 episodes. its a mastery anime and sticks really well to the manga.

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