I really have to get all this stuff off my mind ^^' so here I go, the randomness of this list may be confusing, it's mostly for me, feel free to read tho ^^

"See you reaching to me,
gonna save me
if you were me I'd much rather take the fall
the world has its ways to quiet us down
the world has its ways to quiet us down
>> comes the rain
down come our spirits again
down comes the strain to bring us up and then...."
(by Jack Johnson, if you know who he is, I thank you :3 )
--use for characters, great song for sadness

Backstory: can't live without eachother, girl gets stabbed through heart from back with sword, dies
Girl: Leave Out All the Rest --Linkin Park
Guy: Without You (I don't know if that's the actual name of the song...)
Ages: 18/19
girl comes back as ghost, tries to comfort guy, he wants to kill himself to be with her, she's trying to get him not to. Girl is tied to death with handcuffs on one hand, guy tries to get them off, ends badly?
girl: mikka, kiori, mikotu, or callica
guy: allek or perith

(copy 'n paste the link if you want to listen to the song)
--use this as a relation character its good, "where is your god?"; it doesn't exist anymore
"tell me would you kill to prove your right?"; yes...
"let it all burn"; this world doesn't deserve to go on as it is
(that's the character's thoughts, not mine)
"I'm not saying I'm sorry"; it's just not the right thing to do, 'cause I can't forget you, and when we do meet again, it won't be the same as last time, you won't forget me this time, just like I'll never forget you. But I'm stronger than I used to be, so you'll get a better fight, and I'll make sure you fall.

"Fairytales don't always have a happy ending do they?"
"It's not my time, I'm not goin',, there's a freedom in me I'm not showin',, this could be the end of me 'n everything I've knoown" --gotta use for character quotes + songs

Gah why must my not-real anime-looking sisters be evil???!!! Whyyyyyyyy???????? And honestly, why the shower head? I mean seriously, couldn't it have been something cooler like the computer or TV? I really hope I don't have that dream again, I don't need the stupid shower head's advice, although the compliments on me being nice were ok ^^

I must find something else for Lunaaaaa!!!!!! The last shop I tried was closed! And it had just closed at like 5!!

I must listen to my ipod more, there are so many new songs on it that I've never heard before! Thankyou big brother!!! I very much like blink-182 and Oasis so far :3 along with Panic! At the Disco, The Offspring, and There For Tomorrow :3 :3 hehe

How long is Kanda's hair? It seems to be at least 2 feet while in a ponytail....mine's like 1and 1/2 so I don't have much farther to go...Take THAT wig company!!!! I don't need those weird itchy things!!! I just need some scissors and permenant hair dye!!!!!! I shall be Kandaaa! At least once I find a good cosplay site with a cheap-ish good quality Kanda coat, anyone know of one like that?

Yay! Maybe if I can get a conference in I won't have to do a report of the Hunger Games!!! It was an awesome book, by the way

Ah dang it!!! Bedtime -.- must stop flow of thoughts, no talking shower head dreams tonight pleeease :D 'Night alll!!

Ahahaha! I did not have another showerhead dream XD instead I had one that was kind of like Blue Exorcist....creepy really o.O
ok so it went like this;
first I was on a ski mountain that always seems to come up when I dream of ski mountains...anyway, it has a flat plain that extends for a while at the bottom of a really steep part, and just at the end of this plain there's a ski lift right in the center. There was a bunch of skiers going down past me and these people I was with, I didn't know any of them and can't really remember their faces. I was holding a new Warriors book that I hadn't seen yet and looking across the plain at a girl in all black who seemed to be staring at me, though I couldn't see her face. Then I turned away from her, knelt down in the hard-packed snow ahd opened up the book. Inside I guess there was a code or something that the girl wanted but was unable to get, because i had the book. So i started copying it down onto something but nothing was showing up, i could see whatever i wrote for less than a second but it would just disappear. One of the guys around me said it was still there, just hiding. That's kinda weird, symbols cant hide. But i believed him. Then i noticed another guy dressed all in black like the girl standing at the top of this little rise some distance away from me, looking right at me through some strange device i'd never seen before. It gave me the chills to be honest...
Then the mountain was gone and i was rushing down an unfamiliar school hallway trying to get away from the girl who had been staring at me because apparently she had found out i knew the code. So with one of the five guys who had been around me to start with i rushed down the hall as fast as possible thru the traffic. But all the kids started looking at me, their faces were getting strange symbols on them. (Blue Exorcist part) they had all been demons in disguise working for the girl. They started trying to stop me, it worked pretty well and the girl came walking up to me with a look like she was about to kill me. The end ^^ my mom woke me up for school right then and I freaked out so much that I sat up in bed and gasped, which made my mom ask if I was ok, yes I was. She left me to get ready for school. And that day I kept looking behind me in the halls to make sure there was no girl in black following me around.

theres more, I've just run out of time ^^

How many more random thoughts can I fit in one post? I wonder...

It's $75!!!!! Only $75!!!! And my mom said YES!!!!!! XD XD XD I'm insanely happy! My first cosplay!!!!! XD XD

mmmm, dounuts....

Durr is good, very good, I love Izaya <3

Licten's sarcastic comment of the day(from Drakest):
"So, you're afraid of the's a tireswing, seriously, it can't do anything to you" *indicating tireswing while talking*

I shall *hopefully* do "Licten's Sarcatic Comment of the Day" from now on!
~~Licten is a character Darkie made up, I like him a lot and have permission to do this from Darkie....Yay!!!! *hugs Darkie* X3