Hello there, I'm Cat and I honestly don't know what I should do with this

You say pink
I say black
You say Joe Jonas
I say Bill Kaulitz
You say Holister
I say Hot Topic
You say Hip-Hop,
I say Pop/Rock.
You say high heels
I say high tops
You say I'm Punk
I say It's better than being a prep
You say I'm weird
if u agree put this on your world

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Kyah! It's been an awesome birthday!!!! Although my teachers gave us hw *death stare to teachers*
I'm all happy, it snowed on Sunday so I finally got to see the wonderful whiteness before my birthday!! And last weekend (28th) I had a really fun sleepover with 5 friends and got lots of Japanese and art themed stuff! I'm savoring the pocky....I love it so much! XD XD I haven't yet opened my presents from my family, but I'm eagerly awaiting it owo
Also, if anyone's been to the "Royal Buffet" in Connecticut, I love that place, all full of Chinese/Japanese food and cake *sparkle* how I wish there was one of those closer to me.....but there isn't, so we're making do with some other Japanese restaurant in town, don't know which one yet ^^"

And great thanks(arigatou!) to all my friends on here for sending me gifts and happy b-day messages!!!!!!!!! XD XD love you guys!!!!

Music Library thing

This seems like fun, lets see what comes up in the mix of music my brother and I have ^^
happy: Happy Holidays, You -------; by blink-182 (oh my god, that's a weird title...)
love: AFI-Love Like Winter; by AFI
hate: God Hates Us; by Avenged Sevenfold
light: Lighters; by Bad Meets Evil
dark:(album) Its Dark and Hell Is Hot; by DMX
good: Give Me One Good Reason; by blink-182
bad: Bad Day (ft. Jazze Pha); by Asher Roth
smile: Sarah Smiles; by Panic! At The Disco
cry: superman (cry me a river remix; by Eminem
girl: The Girls a Straight Up Hustler; by All Time Low
boy: Touchdown Boy; by blink-182
rain: Rain; by Creed
sun: When the Sun Goes Down; by Arctic Monkeys
sky: To The Sky; Owl City (love that song!)
rainbow(had to): Rainbow Veins; by Owl City
black: Red To Black (ft. Kenna Jonah Matranga and Styles Of Beyond); by Fort Minor
white: Pretty Fly(for a white guy); by The Offspring


I really have to get all this stuff off my mind ^^' so here I go, the randomness of this list may be confusing, it's mostly for me, feel free to read tho ^^ "See you reaching to me, gonna save me if you were me I'd much rather t...

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Don't Watch Unless You've Read Past Power of Three in the Warriors Books

*sniff* poor Hollyleaf....

....even more sad....


It is killing me, all the homework(hw) my teachers are piling up -.- I'm bad with procrastinating so I tend to do it all either the night I get it or the night that the biggest assignment is due for that week *sigh*
I have at the moment....
3 papers for science, due monday
a fully colored grammer guide (pictures that go with the 8or so pages I have and a title page) also due monday
2 book reviews for Language Arts, so I'll have to finish the Hunger Games over the weekend and read another book then do reviews for both, due monday, tuesday, wednessday, or thursday
a page of questions about the "drummer-fife-flag trio" they had during old wars filled out for Reading (the teacher doesn't even let us read!)
practicing flute for band
the last few chapters of a book read and 3 out of 5 questions filled out in complete sentences, wednessday
sleepover tomorrow, my house
field trip tomorrow
new characters running around in my head ever since I heard "Without You" on the radio on monday
finish a fanfic email for Kyan and Kaly-san, only have 8 pages so far -.- the last one I did was 33 pages long....
present for Luna-chan
pick something to do on my birthday
get the rest of my Halloween costume (being Momoe from Big Windup!)
do some more of the story of Painted Black
try to submit some fanart
play with my kitties
figure out what to draw for my "drawing contest" with my gym teacher (yes, that sounds weird)
fret about having to take a grammer quiz if I didn't get a 95+ on todays test
>>wonder why I possibly got below a 95
catch up on watching anime
stop ranting so I can get something else done

yep, I'm spazzing about all that at the same time, had to write a list for myself somewhere........