Hello there, I'm Cat and I honestly don't know what I should do with this

You say pink
I say black
You say Joe Jonas
I say Bill Kaulitz
You say Holister
I say Hot Topic
You say Hip-Hop,
I say Pop/Rock.
You say high heels
I say high tops
You say I'm Punk
I say It's better than being a prep
You say I'm weird
if u agree put this on your world

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The Living Dead

Yes, the cats that are

who knew?

Izaya Orihara

Is too cool to take his hands out of his pockets at this

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I really like Izaya, I've only seen the first three episodes of Durarara!! but I already think he's awesome X3

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Shizuo is so strong... ._.;; meh...

~~I did not draw either of these, although I wish I had, I cannot take any credit for them. *sigh* no matter how good they are....


I got onto my Grandpa's computer!! XD finally!

Happy[late]Thanksgiving to all! Mine was so uneventful...yesterday I came down to my grandparent's house in CT. with my dad, my brother drove with my mom in her car(he enjoys driving places with his permit).

My brother let me borrow a special Ipod cord that hooked my Ipod up to my dad's truck, sowe got to listen to good music!!! Although I couldn't put on any Green Day or The Offspring... so I made a playlist of all my Jack Johnson, Ingrid Michaelson, and my two songs by the Script. Even though the ride was two hours long, we didn't get through all of them....it was a lot of songs. :3

And today, from eight till probably twelve PM, we shopped -.- too much shopping. "What girl doesn't love to shop for hours on end?" Me. I hate shopping for extended periods of time.

But, I did buy a Death Note tee with L on it and a Hetalia Axis Powers tee at Hot Topic XD I officially love that store!!!! I already have a cat sweatshirt from there my aunt and uncle gave me, if any of you have been to Hot Topic, it's the black one with cat ears on the hood, a face on the front and a zipper pocket that says "MEOWW" inside. I love it so much :3 :3 I'm wearing it right now!!

Also got a cool Roxy tee and some black jeans at I think PacSun. And my grandma bought me a sweatshirt that I picked out at some store, Zummies, or something like that...it is now supposidly a "Christmas present" even though I was right behind her when she bought it...oh well! I like the design very much and can't wait to wear it!!

This keyboard feels so strange to type on, I keep messing up >.< "Gah! Stop being annoying, Keyboard!!!" Meh...

I have drawn so much the past two days. There's nothing else for me to do... I've probably filled up ten pages of my sketch book that I brought with fully completed pencil drawings. And am now almost out of graphite sticks for my mechanicle pencil...I didn't think to bring extra...darn.

Tomorrow I'm going home!!!! Yaaay

Baibai for now!~

I walk alone

Along the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
I heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago and it made me all sad. Generally whenever music makes me sad I want to get the song XD I like sad/depressing songs!!!!

Idiot America

As an American should I be offended by this song?

I really don't understand the visual of the video but I love the song!! XD

Also love this song! I guess Green Day does a tour to Tokyo and before they did this song the lead singer said "This song gives out a big **ck you to George W. Bush!! This song's called; Holiday!!!" and the crowd started cheering madly..... XD hahaha