Contests...News...Events...AND I'M BACK! XD

How about we start off with the fun stuff...CONTESTS! XD

I am currently running the following contests here on AMVC:

Advertizing contest (Deadline: July 1, 2010.)- Whoever gets the most people to join AMVC wins...A fanart dedication, a special ranking, and a gift! ^-^ (Anyone can enter~ )

Background contest (Deadline: June 20, 2010.)- Whoever's background I like the best will get...Their background used on AMVC, a special ranking, a card dedication, and a gift! ^-^ (Anyone can enter this one too! ^-^)

Now, onto news.

XD Well, I've finally returned...But I should explain the reasons why I was gone for such a long while.

#1 School (EVILO SCHOOL!)

#2 Sports (Fun, but limited my time on theO.)

and lastly

#3 My dad just got married! ^-^ (XD So, people were visiting...)

More news:

I just edited all the member info and stuff...XD That took me an hour or two...

Event (on Wii, Wi-Fi required.):

Animal Crossing: City Folk (Today through June 20th.)- Wanna' visit my wonderful town of Dexter? Or perhaps...I'll visit your town? Just PM me with your info, and what you wanna' do! ^-^ ~*My info*~ Name: Maya. Town: Dexter. Friend Code: 5027-8154-2903.

More events to come...>->