How many posts do you have???

Well, if you want to know how many posts you are away from getting to a star, here are how many posts each member of AMVC has, that is, who have made posts: (As of 6/8/10.)

imouto chan: 1

Hikari Akizuki: 1

Potatolicious628: 2

Yodel my Yogurt: 1

Pantalaimon1467: 1

DN Fangirls: 2

scoodi: 2

LaviStrikesBack09: 1

MaraBruckner: 1

nosheep13: 1

pantsreminder: 5

belletoile: 1

BeyoneLawliet: 7

phantomgirl21: 90

KumoriKami: 1

1dev13: 30


Thank you to everyone again! XD I can't do this without all of you! XD Like I've said before, I would FAIL! XD Minna domo arigato~ (Thank you very much everyone!)