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Thank you all very much, guys!


I hope you enjoy your time on AMVC~ Brigade Chief-out!


2011 is Here!

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A year in rewind...

Goodbye 2010, and hello 2011!



Sadly, this is true. Me being the founder, this honestly is a fail.

BUT I'VE MADE IT MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION TO...Post on this world at least once a week from now on!

I want to see this world flourish again, and to do that, we need a new look!


Why? Well, today AMVC has been around for 1 year! And we gotta' celebrate that with reviews, fan art, videos, quotes, music, and much, much more!

Dev-chan wants you to...

Create a background, button, banner, or anything else you want for AMVC!

Everyone that enters shall have their work(s) posted on AMVC, and will be used!

The top 5 shall receive 2 choices of the following: Wallpaper, avatar, card, fan art, fan fiction, banner.

Everyone who enters shall receive a gift and a subscription!

Entries due: 2/1/11

I can't wait to see all your entries-you may enter as many times as you wish! ^-^


Check out this contest! ^-^

^-^;;; First off, I'm sorry for my absence, if you read this, you'll see why.


Now, to what I actually wanted to say, XD

I want you guys to check out my friend's (Air-Dragon's) April Fool's Day contest, just simply click here to view it! ^-^


39 days left of school~ Then I'll really start working on AMVC! ^-^


OoOoO! Advertizing! XD [contest]

Do you want your world to be advertized on AMVC??? If so, all you have to do is this~

Simply tell a friend or 2 about AMVC, and that gets you advertizing for your world-forever! XD (If you want multiple worlds, you're gonna' need to tell a few more! XD)


This also brings up another contest type of thingie. I'm gonna' hold a contest to see how many people you can invite to AMVC. The top 5 with the most will recieve a special ranking, and everyone will recieve a gift~

As they say, "The more the merrier, right???"

So, feel free to enter~ Just have them type your username when they join~

This contest ends on January 31, 2010~ Good Luck to all~

3 new members! ^-^ And some news~

YEY~ 3 is our record for members to join in a day~ Our newest members are:

orihime the inoue




Make sure to make them feel welcome~


On another note, I'm looking for an awesome idea for someone to add to AMVC- but here's the catch, you have to add that something everyday, weekly, or monthly! ^-^ Anyone who adds an awesome idea...shall recieve a special ranking...and something more...XD (I bet you can guess what it is~) It can be anything you'd like to share...art, videos, books, video games, quotes, whatever you want~

The more you add, the higher the surprises are, along with the special rankings~*

~1dev13 ^-^ (XD Your Brigade Chief~)

*XD Yeah...just leave a comment if you don't exactly get what I mean...I'm not the best at explaining things, XD