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Yes ghosts are everywhere if you believe in that sort of thing, but this isn't what this song is truly about. It just means you think you've escaped your past, but things come back to haunt you and try to bring you down. Nothing ever stays in the dark for too long and in that case the light can be scary as well!! Just when you thought things were going well something creeps back up from your pasts and threatens it all!! Here is Japan to explain this to you in an even creepier way! Here they are with their song Ghosts! Enjoy it don't fear it!


If you know good music then you know this list wouldn't be complete without The Cure to entertain us and get us in the scary mood!! I love these guys and this song is Awesome!! Lullabies are supposed to help calm us and put us to sleep but their version is competely the opposite. I believe they wanted to you to stay awake and listen to them and be afraid, be very, very afraid!! They got me listening with this one! Here is The Cure with Lullaby! Hope you are enjoying this one!

Lover's End

What is more frightful? Doing something bad and knowing that you might get caught, or doing something bad and getting caught?! You have to ask these questions when you do something wrong in secret. This song captures what happens to a person when they do wrong--the outcome isn't very pretty, but that's life and that is why this goes on tonight's lis of All Things Scary plus the creepy music to back the even creepier lyrics!! Halloween has arrived with this song by The Birthday Massacre with their song Lover's End!! Enjoy and please don't get too shook up it's just a song after all!!

Diary of Jane

Here is a song where it seems that a person has really felt they have lost a loved one and have just now come to terms of this with the ready of the diary. It is a very pretty song by these guys and you can interpret this how you want to. This is how I see it. It's scary losing a loved one and you don't know how to deal with it. There are ways, but it's stil hard and this video captures this perfectly to me. Here is Breaking Benjamin with Diary of Jane!

Hope those out there joining in are enjoying the show!

Trick and Treat

Hulaberry32-chan brings us another Scary request called Trick and Treat by Rin and Len. This is another awesome one that I believe you guys out there will like. Thanks again for your second requst Hulaberry32!! Keep them coming!!!

So without further ado here is Trick and Treat by Rin and Len!!