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White Rabbit

Our next request comes from CDCDCD89. The requested song seems weird enough just by the title so of course the song is definitly crazy!! Here is White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Enjoy it guys let me know what you think and anymore requests you may have out there. I'm going over time today guys just for you! Here we go!!

Billie Jean

Okay so another request by Hanako-chan comes from the King of Pop himself!! Yay I love him and was and still a huge fan!! I love this song and this vid and yes I must admit it is rather weird to watch and somewhere there's a tiger roaming around. It get's no crazier right? Well You guys tell me!! Here is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson!! Enjoy guys!!


Okay guys here is our next request by Hanakoanimeaddict. This next song is called Angelus by Hitomi Shimatani!! This an awesome song!! And seems weird enough to make tonights list of weird and crazy songs!!! Thanks for the request Hanako-chan!! I'm sure those out there listening will enjoy this one!! Okay guys here we go brace your brains!

Kero Kero Destiny

Okay guys our next song comes from another request by Hulu-chan!! Our next song is called Kero Kero Destiny also by Miku!!! I hope you guys enjoy!!

Po Pi Po

Yay I'm back again!!! Songs of Saturday is on the air so to speak! Okay now first up we have some requests to start the show off nicely. I've asked for some weird and crazy vids, songs, and lyrics. First up is Po Pi Po by Miku Hatsune requested by Hulu-chan!! Thanks for the request and starting this show off. Now to get to it Here is our frist weird and crazy song of Today! It's cute and crazy and a great start!!