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My Apologies

So sorry guys!!!!! Yikes Time got away from me!!! I have a ton of homework and so I need you guys to bare with me and wait another week and those who have given request will be played first!! Take care guys!! Sorry again!!


Last Two songs of the Night: In The Dark/Silver and Cold

Okay guys we have time to two more songs both of which I will play together to end the night or weird and crazy!! My two are going to be The Birthday Massacre's In The Dark I love this video because it is definitely weird and crazy and If you watch you will see why. The lyrics are soft but the video says something different!

My last song is by AFI with Silver and Cold the end will blow you away!! So here are the last two songs keep me posted and keep the requests coming. Whatever I haven't played will certainly be played next time I still have some more to hand out to you guys out there. Next week is Sinister and Wicked songs of your choice

You request them I will Play them!! Take Care guys and Have a very scary Halloween!!

16 Lovers

Okay so Beloved Blood has made a request for a weird song and I know BB Chan well and know her weird mind!! It's strange in there so this song isn't different or unusal for BB Chan!! Here is 16 Lovers by Caged Baby!!

Head Exercise

Okay guys It's cutting down to the wire so little time but I must brave on and continue. But first I must say a thank you to CDCDCD89 thank you very much for your request!! Now onto the song. Here is yet another by Miku Popular I must say and that's a good thing!! Now here is a song called Head Exercise sounds weird and the song is no different! So without furhter ado here is Hatsune Miku with Head Exercise!! Enjoy guys!!

9 In The Afternoon

Yes so many requests so little time guys I'm swamped here!!! Ahhhhhh I'm pulling my hair out!! But no worries whatever I don't cover and post will be the first thing posted next week no matter the theme all requests must be played I stand by that!!


Anywho here is our next song requested by Ecnelisterger-chan! The song: 9 In The Afternoon by Panic At The Disco! Yes the title is weird and the band is as well! So the song must be crazy!! Thanks for your request Ecnelisterger!! Thank you very much!