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Thank you all very much, guys!


I hope you enjoy your time on AMVC~ Brigade Chief-out!


Level up! XD

I just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of new rankings...I'm sure that more will still be on the way, XD


But anyway, the actual reason I typed this up, is to congratulate the following members:

DN Fangirls

Why you ask? Well, DN Fangirls always helps me in my moments of stupidity XD...or if I don't quite know about something! For that...you rank up to...*drumroll*

This symbol stands for "Handy Helper". ^-^ Thank you so much DN Fangirls~

Now for scoodi~ As you can see, the banner changed for our world. (Awesome looking, eh?) But anyway, I really love it, and I know I can't make anything like that...XD Look at mine compared to hers...XD

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^scoodi's~ EPIC WIN!!! ^

Now...scoodi, you rank up to...*drumroll*

This symbol stands for "Awesome Artist". ^-^ Thank you so much again...XD I don't know how many times I've said that to your art, XD


On another note, feel free to post whatever you wish, I don't mind, XD (Me just talking is boring...right???) I plan on posting videos and pictures soon...but right now school is being EVIL...so...yeah...I can't...XD Anyway, I'll update the ranking post now to include those...OH! Important note: Whenever you rank up for any reason, you shall recieve a gift...^-^ (I'll be sending them right now~

Hope you all are liking the site...I know it's not much now...XD But it's getting there~


^XD Yeah...my symbol is YEN! I WIN! XD^

Hearts and Hetalia~

You are all probably thinking, "WHERE THE HECK WHERE YOU DEV??? YOU WERE GONE FOR, LIKE, A WEEK!!!" Well...^-^;;; A couple *cough* things have come up...first off, I was gone since Thursday, 'cause I had to go to a funeral, and with school being evil and all, I couldn't get on until now...but anyway...let's get to the stuff you want to read, XD

Well, when I got back, my friend, and fellow member, scoodi told me that Hetalia: Axis Powers is getting an English dub! ^-^ My reaction: ZOMW! (ZOHMYWORD!) I CAN'T WAIT!!! I can't decide who's my ABSOLUTE favorite...but I know one of my favorite quotes~ "Pasta~" ~Italy (XD) I wouldn't be surprized if you all already knew this, but I just felt like stating my reaction, XD

Anyway, now for the "Hearts" Well, today...I completed Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days!

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I just have to say that...


(I reccomend it to anyone, even if they don't know anything about Kingdom Hearts! XD)

I do have a couple of questions though (SPOILER ALERT!!!) (Oh, and keep in mind that I JUST got into Kingdom Hearts, XD)

I don't really get the scenario...did Roxas die...or what? I have 3 possible things that could have/may happen: 1. Did Roxas die...if not, then, 2. What has become of him, XD 3. (Which is most likely) There's gonna' be another game, which explains what happens to Roxas... Any clarification is appericated~

Well, I hope you enjoyed this, I know it's kinda' older news...but oh well~

How to I become a member???

Simple~ You just simply post a comment below~ I'll add you to the guest poster list, so you can get a postin'~

Happy New Year! ^-^ (YAY FIRST POST! :D)

Yeah...just don't ask about the unneeded enthuasium on the first post part, XD But anyway, Happy New Year, 2010~ W00T! XD Ahem...anyway, hm...I need some news that's worth sharing...hm...OH!

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As most of you probably already know, there's a new Pokemon game called "Pokemon Rumble". (As you can see! XD) The game console is the Wii, and you can buy it on WiiWare, for 1500 Wii points.

Moving along...

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Welcome to Anime Manga Vocaloid Central! ^^ (AMVC for short!) It's a world where you can tell others about news, anime, manga, vocaloids, ANYTHING! XD You can do whatever you want~ (Well, as long it's legal! XD) But anyway, here's the basis of it: News, chat, links, images, quotes, videos, stories, vocaloids, anime, manga, Japan, video games, books, TV, movies, just anything you feel like adding (if aproperiate), is welcome! Just let 1dev13 know if you wanna' join in the fun~ She'll add you to the guest list, no problem! ^-^

Hope to see you there~ :D

I can't wait to see what you guys will post~