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Honeymoon Suite

Yes the title is a dead give-away that it's going to be nice and sweet and rather wicked indeed!! The love has died for one of them and the other just wants a second chance. It seems one has messed up and the other will not forgive!! Well you shouldn't have been a wicked person and you wouldn't be going through this!! This is sinister in itself when the other treats the other wrong and messes up big time! So this Honeymoon is definitely over! So here is Lacuna Coil, Yours truly's favorite band in the world, with Honeymoon Suite! Hope you likey my show tonight guys!

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

Now if you know Deftones then you pretty much know how all their lyrics go and how most of their songs are!!! This song was born for this theme!! It seems that there was a relationship that has moved away from him in a bad way and so he has found a replacement and even Dresses this person like the last and tells them that he wants to get as far away as possible!! Hows that for wicked guys!!! I hope you're paying attention!


Anyone feeling "Blue" out there? Well you will be after listening to this band!! You will feel so blue that you will want to go out and get this album with this song on it!! The dolls are wicked and sinister and the lyrics and the melody is just as wicked which seems to mean that the person doesn't feel right or feel like they are themselves maybe trapped inside of doll figure who is plastic and fake on the outside. Towards the end is where you feel the chills crawl up your spine. Enjoy this one and I mean really enjoy it!

Bully Boys

Our last request comes from E-chan again with song from the Tiger Lillies!!! It is called Bully Boys. I have heard this one before and find it worthy for this theme!! It starts out nicely and rather quiet and makes you feel a bit spooked and then the words come in and you are taken over depending on how you see this song it simply works with today's theme so I thank you again E-chan for your requests!!! Have fun with this one!!


Okay so Ejobes18 has requested this next song by Rob Zombie it's a favorite and I'm sure everyone has heard it at some point before I know I have!! The song is definitely fit for this theme and works very nicely!!! It's Dragula and the melody is nice and wicked while the lyrics are sinister and off, but in a good way of course! So thanks again E-chan you are appreciated!! Enjoy this one guys! Hope you're following along!