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Okay guys for next week send in your requests for the songs you absolutely Hate!!! Tell me why you hate them; I want something more explanatory than just "because this song sucks" I want a good reason why and I will post them on next week's show!! You can send in all your requests and I will be sure to try and play them if I don't get a chance by the whole show You will be first to be played the following week. Thanks to all who have sent in their requests and who have taken time to listen in to the show! Take care all!!! Time to tune is is 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm my time!


Okay guys I have to end the show with this song and on this note: I give this show to those that want to express their feelings through the music that they enjoy! So here is your last sinister song of the night! I love this man!!!!! He's awesome and he gives us great music! It's wicked and the video is def. Wicked! To end the night we have (drumroll please)... Adam Lambert with For Your Entertainment!! Enjoy this one and have wonderful evening!!!

Next Weeks theme is focused on any song you find to be atrocious and terrible. It's all the songs you HATE!!! TAKE CARE GUYS!!

37 MM

Afi really moves me with their songs and their songs are deep and wicked with lyrics that cut and could even make you feel hurt by them. They make you feel their lyrics though sinister they maybe. This song really puts me in the mind of someone taking from others and not giving back. It's a parasitic relationship that everyone can understand but this is my meaning. Interpret how you see fit songs are open to all! I love this song and this band so without further ado here is AFI with 37 MM set to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Childre! Enjoy!


It is sinister to not forgive a person don't you think? Well I don't know it depends on the situation It seems. This song set to Final Fantasy VII just fits! I love this instrumental done by the great Apocalyptica who took a Metallica song and really brought their own style and creativity to it!! I love this song and the melody is haunting don't you think?! Well here we are guys we're almost coming to the finish! Here's Apocalyptica with Unforgiven.

The Clincher

Whoever listens to Chevelle know of the genius put into every word that they sing and allow us to listen to!! You must and I repeat, YOU MUST pay attention in order to understand what their songs are all about!! This song seems to be about the empty shell of a person simply there's a body leaving the soul behind and it someone's fault!! There's a story behind this song and the Clincher is that this person didn't die of something natural but something sinister!! You tell me what you think this song is about! Enjoy it as you ponder the meaning behind it!