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Ronald McDonald Insanity

Now I have to say there are vids that are scary that aren't necessarily by an artist or part of an anime, but when there is a request I repect the person who has sent it in and wants to see it on the show. Also I take in account whether or not it does fit the theme of the week and this one certainly does!!! I took up the offer to chech this one out for myself and found it strongly fitting for this week's theme!!! Brought to you by Xxpicklejuice01xX I thank thee for your request and it shall be played today!!! Enjoy this one guys you're going to find it funny yet scary indeed!!

Here is Ronald McDonald Insanity!

Dream Meltic Halloween

This is appropiate I must say since we're in the month of October where being scared is all in good fun and it's okay to put up weired and crazy things in your windows and create ghoulish things out of stuff around the house. Our next pick comes from ecnelisterger with Dream Meltic Halloween! It's a really nice song and I find fitting for this theme! I thank you very much for sending in your request and here it is played for all those who are out there following along to the Songs of Saturday!! Thanks again ecnelisterger-chan for your request of Dream Meltic Halloween!!


Next up is HanakoAnimeaddict pick for All Things Scary!! This pick comes from a very famous Artist who in my book is Number ONE!!!!! I have been a fan since I was young and I have to thank HanakoAnimeaddict for choosing him for tonight's theme!! It's not lame I have to say. It is the epitome of All Things Scary so after you have listened and watched this video please look around you and make sure you're still the only "living" soul around!!! Here is Michael Jackson's Thriller. Let's thank Hanako-chan for the pick!!!

Alice Human Sacrifice

So first up is Hulaberry32-chan's pick. This pick is really cool and the graphics of he video are really Awesome!! So thank you Hulaberry-chan for your pick and you are the first played today on Songs of Saturdays: All Things Scary!!!

Yay Songs of Saturdays Begins Now!!

Okay Guys I'm a bit late (okay a lot late , but in my defense I was getting some much needed school work done.) But that doesn't stop the show. Send in all your Scary songs and what you believe is scary and I will play them!!! I have some request to play first to begin the show!!!