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Welcome, Welcome! please do enjoy and take a look at all my posts hope you find something you may like Probably not! But do come take a look!!

Poor Usagi

I was watching a fact video for sailor moon, Jeez Tuxedo mask gets himself kidnapped to meany times. Whos the damsel in distress now. Not sailor moon.

I mustache you a question

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This is so Cress and Dasha! I was laughing so hard mentally picturing this.


I have decided I actually like it! It was kinda slow at first but now its enjoyable! Its funny that Kirito looks like a girl though. That character never ceases to amaze me! His skills and what not, any game he goes in he always rocks it!


I'm going to die before the next sailor moon comes out! I a fangirling so hard! BUT I HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE 4 SATURDAY! *Grumble* Who doesn't have the hots for tuxedo mask.

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THEY NEVER END!! Pretty Cures

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Just saying now these guys NEVER END! There is another one out this picture contains all the precures ever maid!! And there is 69 of them I believe! The series is cure as can be. But they keep making new seasons.