March Comes in Like a Lion (Sangatsu no Lion)

Plot: Rei Kiriyama, the adopted son of a famous shogi player, has just struck out on his own after stepping into the professional shogi scene, himself. Alone in a bare-bones apartment and coping with feelings of depression, Rei finds shelter when he visits the warm home of three sisters, Akari, Hina and Momo. (B)

Characters: A-

Artwork & Animation: A-

Voice Acting: A

Music: B

Objectionable Content: some suggestive material

Other: Slightly uneven, with some very good parts and some odd or drawn-out parts (some of the jokes can feel like rambling). The ending is also not really an ending. Other than that, I enjoyed the series.

The anime is based off of a manga series, which I have not read.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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