Plot: Yoshio Kobayashi, a boy protected by an invincible shield-like power that he can't control, is unable to die and a danger to those around him. Kensuke Hanasaki is a member of the Boy Detectives Club. Intrigued by Kobayashi's abilities, Hanasaki invites the young misanthrope to join the club by striking a deal with him: he'll help Kobayashi find a way to die if Kobayashi still can't find a reason to live. (Execution is shabby -- C-)

Characters: Definitely the series' weakest point. Focuses too much on side characters and fails to satisfactorily develop its central cast. -- D+

Artwork & Animation: A-

Voice Acting: B

Music: B

Objectionable Content: suggestive themes, blood, profanity

Other: It takes place in a cool world, and the potential is there for a good story. But the characters can sometimes be grating, and the plot is poorly handled.

Overall Score: C

Recommendation: 1.5/5

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