Plot: Yoshimatsu Hotaka lost his father to a congenital heart disease and views himself as a weakling, having inherited the same disease and undergone a surgery that left an awful scar. He uses the manga club anthology to vent his feelings, and, in the meantime, is content with watching Niki Awaya, the girl he has a major crush on, from the club room window. When Hotaka and Niki finally meet for the first time during a swimming test, he has a hard time believing that Niki actually likes him. Pushed on by his friend, On-chan, Hotaka slowly takes the first steps toward befriending Niki -- who he may have more in common with than he could imagine. (There's a pretty good plot being slowly revealed, but something's a little off about the execution. B-)

Characters: B

Art: B

Objectionable Content: fan service, profanity

Other: I haven't finished the series yet, so perhaps I'm jumping the gun on my judgement. There's obviously a big bomb waiting to be dropped on Hotaka, and that part of the story is interesting. But there's something that holds it back from being as good as it could be.

Overall Score: B

Recommendation: 2/5

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