Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

Plot: Rick, a young swordsman who washed up on the shores of Wyndaria, now works at a bakery with his friends, Airy, Amil and Neris. The island is peaceful until a girl bearing a powerful treasure washes up on shore... (B-)

Characters: Sadly, the main character is as flat as cardboard, at least at the start. The supporting cast isn't much better. (C)

Art & Animation: B+

Voice Acting: A-

Music: Doesn't really draw attention to itself as good or bad (B)

Objectionable Content: mild

Other: This is based on a video game in the same series as "Shining Tears" and "Shining Wind". I've never played any of the games, but perhaps the dry characterization is a result of having a blank slate as the player's character. Early episodes are also somewhat uneventful.

Since I haven't really watched that far yet, I'm holding to the hope that it gets better, as there are elements introduced that have potential for development.

Overall Score: B-

Recommendation: 1.5/5

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