Plot: Sho Kazamatsuri's passion is soccer. He wants to become a great player, so he goes to Musashinomori, a school known for its stellar soccer team. But when he isn't allowed to play because he's too short, he transfers to Josui Junior High so that he can get some action on the field. He soon finds that he has a long way to go before he can reach his dream -- but at Josui, he also finds friends who can help him along the way. (B)

Characters: A fun, diverse cast (A)

Art & Animation: A-

Music: C+

Voice Acting: I was disappointed with some of the casting choices. (B-)

Objectionable Content: Very little. Mild blood. The anime has profanity.

Other: Whistle! is not "just a soccer manga". As you get into the story, you find yourself rooting for the characters on and off the soccer field.

Having read the manga first, I prefer it to the anime.

Overall Score: Manga-- A- / Anime-- B-

Recommendation: 4/5

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