[C] - the Money of Soul and Possibility - Control

Plot: All scholarship student Kimimaro Yoga wants is a stable, ordinary life. He works several jobs to support himself and doesn't stick out very much. But one day, he gets a house call from a creepy visitor named Masakaki, who offers him a large amount of money if he will allow his "future" to be held as collateral. At first, Kimimaro refuses. But before he knows it, he is drawn into the "Financial District", where he must compete in weekly matches called deals to keep from losing his future. (A for originality)

Characters: B

Art & Animation: A

Music: A

Voice Acting: A

Objectionable Content: Some profanity, blood

Other: This anime is a high-action lesson in economics. When I first started watching this series, I was creeped out by the assets' designs. But despite its strangeness, the complex story sucks you in. It feels like the series isn't quite over when it reaches its finale in episode 11.

Overall Grade: A

Recommendation: 4.5/5

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