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Inu x Boku SS

Plot: Maison de Ayakashi is a place for people descended from mythological creatures. The socially-challenged Ririchiyou Shirakiin moves there in hopes of bettering herself, and a mysterious man named Soushi Miketsukami, who seems to know her somehow, is assigned as her bodyguard. (B+)

Characters: Well fleshed-out -- A-

Art & Animation: A+

Voice Acting: Japanese -- A / Dub -- B+

Music: A

Objectionable Content: Suggestive material and innuendo

Other: A crazy cast with an odd setting means lots of strange but funny situations come into play. There are a lot of serious elements as well. I was put off by the girl-crazy Yuki-onna.

I have never read the manga (Youko x Boku).

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Plot: Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin -- four childhood friends who swam together in elementary school -- are reunited in high school. But Rin has changed, and after he challenges Haruka to a race and wins, the others form a swim club at their school so that they can face Rin again in the upcoming swimming tournament... (Nothing really mind-blowing or unique here -- B)

Characters: B

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: A

Music: B

Objectionable Content: Mild

Other: The right balance of fun and serious moments and good characterization makes for an enjoyable watch.

Overall Score: B

Recommendation: 3/5

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Lucky Star

Plot: The daily adventures of friends at school. (Nothing substantial -- C-)

Characters: Diverse, can be fun, but not much substance (B-)

Art & Animation: A-

Voice Acting: A-

Music: Didn't stand out as good or bad (C)

Objectionable Content: Mild, some language and suggestive dialogue

Other: Visual gags and references a-plenty, if you can catch them! However, this series lost my interest fairly quickly. I usually like slice-of-life comedies, but this one just didn't catch me -- there's just not enough to it.

Overall Score: C+

Recommendation: 1.5/5

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Pumpkin Scissors

Plot: In the aftermath of a terrible war, the people are suffering, and former soldiers are out on the streets, turning to crime. The Imperial Army State Section III, also known as the Pumpkin Scissors Unit, is set up to relieve the situation, and it has a mysterious new recruit named Randel Oland...(A)

Characters: B+

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: C+

Music: B-

Objectionable Content: Blood, profanity

Other: A good but sadly unfinished story. Some scenes can be quite ugly -- be ready to cover eyes and/or hit FF.

Overall Score: B

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Plot: A space soldier named Ledo is sucked into a space-time warp while fighting a battle. He wakes to find himself stranded on an unknown planet with only his mech and the crew of the fleet, Gargantia, to aid him. (It just took a HUGE plot twist!! -- A)

Characters: B

Artwork & Animation: A

Voice Acting: A

Music: B+

Objectionable Content: Mild language and suggestive themes

Other: Somewhat slow-paced, but entertaining and high-quality.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 4/5

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