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Plot: When the ogres attacked over 400 years ago, a samurai named Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma and the princess of the Washiba fought back with a stolen mecha dubbed "Kuromukuro".
Now, the ogres are back. The first line of defense against the alien mecha is a special organization of UN scientists, who are researching a relic found at the Kurobe Dam. The daughter of the research director, Yukina Shirahane, is at Kurobe when the ogres attack and accidentally activates the relic. Kennosuke emerges, and, mistaking Yukina for his princess, fights off the ogres to protect her. Through an odd turn of events, Yukina becomes bonded to the Kuromukuro, and with Kennosuke's knowledge of the ogres, they are able to fight back. But can the samurai, displaced from his time, be trusted? (A-)

Characters: B

Artwork & Animation: Absolutely GORGEOUS backgrounds! -- A

Voice Acting: A-

Music: B

Objectionable Content: blood, suggestive themes, profanity

Other: This was a bit more complex than what I could go into here. The series has a satisfying storyline, and watching Kennosuke try to acclimate to his new surroundings is a lot of fun.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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Poco's Udon World

Plot: When Sota Tawara returns home to Kagawa in the wake of his father's passing, he finds a small child curled up in a pot in his father's noodle shop. He quickly takes a liking to the boy and starts taking care of him. But what will he do when he finds out that his new charge is actually a shape-shifted tanuki? (B-)

Characters: A-

Artwork & Animation: B+

Voice Acting: A-

Music: B+

Objectionable Content: mild

Other: A quiet slice-of-life/fantasy series carried almost wholly by the way the characters are handled (and partly by the cuteness of Poco). While the plot is nothing to write home about, and the ending feels slightly rushed and anticlimactic, it has its emotional moments.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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Plot: Naho Takamiya is a shy high-school girl with a budding crush on new student, Kakeru Naruse. When she receives a letter from her future self that tells her how to save Kakeru from committing suicide, she is skeptical of its contents. But when the events in her letter begin coming true, she desperately tries to change the future. (Gets a little weird in its attempts to explain its premise, but still high marks for creativity -- A-)

Characters: B+

Artwork & Animation: A-

Voice Acting: A-

Music: B

Objectionable Content: profanity

Other: I've never read the manga that this was adapted from. It's a generally quiet slice-of-life/romance with a light sci-fi premise. It handles both its light, silly moments and its darker dramatic themes very well, making for a nice balance of laughs and tearjerkers.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 3.5/5

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Top 5 Underrated Series

I'm sure we all have our series that we wish would get a little more love. These are the little guys that have great stories and characters that no one notices. The ones that are shoved into the background, eclipsed by the big, explosive shonen se...

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Plot: When Arata Kaizaki loses his job and hits a dead end, he's offered the chance to go back and re-do a year of his life as part of the ReLife experiment. (Interesting premise, nothing ground-breaking done with it. B )

Characters: B+

Artwork & Animation: B

Voice Acting: A-

Music: Sometimes doesn't suit the mood of the scene -- C

Objectionable Content: suggestive themes, profanity

Other: Mostly a comedy/romance series with some more serious bits coming into play later. Probably my favorite so far this season. I have not read the source material.

Overall Score: B

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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