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Plot: Yotsuba Koiwai is an energetic five-year-old who lives with her adoptive father. Together with her neighbors and friends, Yotsuba has many adventures (and misadventures) as she explores and makes new discoveries. (B)

Characters: Cute and quirky (A-)

Art: A

Objectionable Content: Occasional profanity

Other: A hilarious, clean comedy series! Definitely recommended to anyone. ^^

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 3/5

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The Friendly Winter

Plot: Nineteen-year-old Da-Jeong has a rare growth disorder that causes her to look like a young child. Seventeen-year-old Min-Seong has a mental disorder and acts like a small boy. When the two meet, they become close friends, sharing both smiles and tears... (A-)

Characters: A

Art: A-

Objectionable Content: Profanity

Other: I recently found this manhwa on a manga website and am enjoying it very much. The characters are extremely well-done, and while there are no epic battles, the plot and psychology keep you enthralled.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 3.5/5

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Plot: Two insurance agents, Meryl and Milly, have been sent to evaluate claims involving the "Humanoid Typhoon", Vash the Stampede. Every time he appears, he leaves a trail of extensive damages in his wake, and it's the young ladies' job to make sure those damages are minimized. Unclear on the identity of this destructive man with a bounty of 60 billion double-dollars on his head, they chase down any leads they come across. When this gets them into serious trouble, a strange man with amazing skills saves them -- and the peace-loving goof-ball turns out to be the real Vash the Stampede! (B)

Characters: B+

Art & Animation: A-

Voice Acting: Original Japanese -- B / Dub -- A

Music: D

Objectionable Content: Blood, profanity, suggestive themes

Other: This futuristic space-Western starts off very goofy and adventurous and makes a complete 180 to a dark, brooding drama halfway through. As it gets more serious, the level of objectionable content increases.

I have never read the Trigun manga.

Overall Score: B-

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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Plot: Ash Ketchum has just reached the age where he is eligible to become a Pokemon trainer. On this first day of his journey, just about everything goes wrong: he's too late to get one of the standard starter Pokemon and left with a difficult Pikachu; that Pikachu gets attacked by Spearow; Ash steals a bike to rush it to the Pokemon center and the owner of said bike starts chasing him around, demanding that he return it or pay for it. Despite the rocky start, Ash and his Pikachu finally start getting along, and, joined by Misty (owner of the stolen bike) and ex-gym leader, Brock, he gets on the (long) road to becoming a Pokemon master! (C)

Characters: B-

Art & Animation: C+

Voice Acting: C

Music: B

Objectionable Content: Mild

Other: Individual stories are good and give lots of laughs. But the characters are relatively weak (in comparison to its "mon" anime competitors), and the overall plot never really goes anywhere. In newer seasons, the voice acting goes down the tubes, and fan-favorite characters are dropped. The series' makers just need to quit. (The things shameless product promotion can do... *sighs*)

Overall Score: C+

Recommendation: 1.5/5

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No. 6

Plot: No. 6 is the ideal city, one of six city-states built on the ashes of a destroyed world. On his twelfth birthday, a boy named Shion meets an injured boy named Nezumi and treats his wounds. Nezumi disappears the next morning, and an alert goes out across the city for information about an escapee from the correctional facility -- who turns out to be Shion's new friend. When he refuses to give any information about Nezumi, Shion is stripped of his upper-class status and priveleges.

Four years later, a mysterious disease is sweeping through No. 6. When Shion tries to investigate the matter, he is charged with insubordination and put under arrest. On the way to the correctional facility, Nezumi rescues Shion and takes him outside the city. After Shion narrowly survives the disease himself, he is determined to develop a cure and get it to No. 6 -- but the friend who saved his life wants to see the city destroyed... (A)

Characters: A-

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: A

Music: C

Objectionable Content: Blood, suggestive themes, profanity

Other: Other than the music (which wasn't very good), my only complaint about this series is that it plays with shonen-ai/yaoi. That aspect was totally unnecessary to the story, which was amazing without it.

Overall Score: B

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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