Fun with rich b!tches

“What do you like to do for fun?” Kadri asked Akina after school one day.
“Play nazi zombies on wii. Wanna come over later?”
“Uhm, sure, why not?” What’s a nazi zombie? Kadri thought.
“So this is your house??” Kadri gasped. The outside was huge and gorgeous- it had black brick, huge ivory columns with red roses the color of fresh blood with what looked like zebra markings on them growing around them, and stained-glass windows depicting all sorts of African animals everywhere.
“Yeah. It’s a roof over my head. It’s all I need it for, y’know?” Akina said it like it was a cardboard box next to a dumpster in a dark alley. She walked in the huge redwood doors and looked behind her at Kadri, who was dumbstruck. “Well?”
“Oh!” Kadri snapped out of it and walked inside, her boot-heels clacking against the glacier-blue marble tile. She tried not to gape at the elaborate paintings, throw rugs and wooden wall panels.
“The game room’s this way.” Akina led her down a hallway and into a room filled with all manner of electronic entertainment systems- Dance Dance Revolution, shooter games, pinball, all three Playstations, both Xboxes, and every Nintendo and Sony systems ever made.
“Oh my gosh…we never had these kinds of things in Estonia.”
“Yeah? Well, most people don’t have them here in America, either. I’m just…”
And they played DDR, Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and pinball the rest of the afternoon.