So this is how it ends...

“So this is how it ends….” Kadri thought as she slipped for the thousandth time on wet snow. She had been running through the cold and lifeless forest in the country that was once her home, Estonia, for what seemed like days. Her blue-streaked black hair was almost frozen solid, and the once-thick eyelashes around her bottle-green eyes were reduced to brittle little lines, with only about four remaining.
She tried to get up, but he metal heels on her knee-high lace-up boots cracked and shattered. She fell on her face into a pile of cold wetness. If only her powers were of heat and not of ice, she could save herself. “If only Akina was here….” Her friend had fiery powers and could have saved her. She could feel the cold snow seep through her faux-fur skirt and cape, her arm-length gloves and broken boots. Her blood was cooling, congealing, freezing. Her lungs had stopped functioning properly hours ago, and she wheezed and sputtered with every half-breath. “I’m going to die here…” She couldn’t even remember how she had gotten here in the first place….
Suddenly Akina appeared in a burst of red flames.
“TRIBAL DANCE POWERS!!” She yelled, and zebra-printed flames shot from her heels and upraised hands, melting every drop of snow and thawing Kadri.
“Akina…you-you saved…my life!” Kadri sputtered. Her lungs had started to operate properly again, and she could feel herself warming up.
“Duh. What else are friends for?” Akina smiled, her brown-black hair shining in the light from her powers. “Now c’mon, Kadri. We’re goin’ home.”