Starling's skip day

“STARLING!!!! YOU’LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!” Robin, my mom, yelled at me this morning.
“I know, mom! I’m out the door already.”
“Oh, no you’re not. Take your sister to the bus stop!”
I groaned. “But mom, she’s fourteen, she can walk herself. Kestrel’s a big girl now.”
“Yeah mom! I can walk myself. I don’t need the freaky Goth girl to muck up my reputation anymore.” Kestrel was the blond, perfect little prep my mother adored. I hated her.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, my little Kessie! I had no idea she was hurting your perfect little crystal image, sweetie. Fine, Starling. Looks like you don’t have to walk her after all. Now go.”
See how quickly my mom changes personas? “I love you too, mom.”
I got the heck out of there, into my spray-paint black Accord, and on the highway in about 30 seconds.
I took the long way so I could pick up my friend, Snow, at her house. In case you can’t guess, we’re not going to school.
“Finally! Where you been, Star? I been wait’n for like, 20 mins, man.” Snow was, well…snow-colored. She had white-blond hair, icy eyes, and was really pale. Me? Well, I’m…pale, like her, but I don’t resemble my namesake. I’m more raven-colored than starling-colored.
“Mother.” I needed no other explanation. Snow knew my bird-obsessed mother hated me. I was an ‘accident’, by the way. Speaking of accidents…!
“OHMYEFFINGGOD!!!!!!!!!!” We were on a collision course for a huge semi tractor-trailer!
CrUncH. Was that the car or me?
It was the car. We were practically swimming in what was either a lot of blood, or a lot of ketchup. Hopefully it was the latter.
About an hour later, we were pulled out of our ketchup-filled car (we had hit a ketchup truck) and swore to never ditch again.