Luna and Jonah

This story is all about Luna and Jonah. Jonah is going to find out that Luna is a secreat agent. You will soon find out what he thinks about it.

Luna is on one of her secret mission. She just caught Count Heinrich Von Brucken doing something evil.

Luna: (thinking) I knew it. He is still trying to take over Japan even though he said he wasnt. (sighs) Some people never learn.

She cuts a hole in the glass and jumps down. She lands quietly and starts to look for clues. She dosen't see that someone was watching her the whole time. Just when she was about to take some evidence when she see some movements in the background.

Luna: (thinking) How come I didn't see this person before? (fighting stance)

The person steps into the light and she sees that its Jonah.

Jonah: Who are you and what are you doing in my fathers office?!
Luna: ......
Jonah: Answer me!

Jonah looks at Luna carefully and realize that she looks famillar but cant figure it out who it is. Luna is nervous and pulls a smoke screen and dissapears out the window.

Luna: (thinking) That was too close. He looked at me like he was trying to figure out who I was.

The next day at school, Jonah was still thinking about the girl he saw yesterday.

Jonah: I wonder were I saw her before. She looks so familiar.

Luna and her friends walk past him and Luna says hi to Jonah as she walk past.

Jonah: That's were I seen her before! She looks just like Luna. But how do I talk to her alone without all her friends with her?

Jonah decides that he will talk to her alone. He walks right up to her and ask's her can he talk to her alone. Oliver obviously jealous tries to get him and Luna away from Jonah but ultimatley fails.

Luna: Sure Jonah.

They walk down a hallway away from people.

Luna: What is it that you need to talk to me about?

She smiles.

Jonah: Well theres this girl that reminds me of you. She has your eyes and hair. Imma ask you a serious question and i need you to tell me the truth. Are you the ninja girl that broke into my dad's office last night?

Luna eyes get big.

Luna: Oh crap. Im in so much trouble. N-no.
Jonah: I know when you lie Luna. Just tell me the truth. I wont tell anyone I promise.

She sighs.

Luna: Yea im the ninja. But don't tell anybody. I'm not even suppose to tell you because of your father.
Jonah: I won't I promise.
Luna: Ok but if you do tell him, I have to erase your memories and leave for good.

She looks down. He looks at her.

Jonah: Whats wrong Luna?
Luna: I dont know. I guess since I finally told someone I'm a ninja, I feel better.

Jonah walks up to her and hugs her. Luna is blushing.

Luna: W-why did you g-give me a h-hug?
Jonah: I just thought you might need a hug.

Jonah blushes a little.

Luna: Thank you Jonah. I really did need a hug. But now I have to keep another secret. Just act normal ok?
Jonah: Ok. Why do you need to keep another secret?
Luna: Because of my mom. Look I said to much i should go.

She turns to leaves. He grabs her by the waist. She turns around and looks at him blushing.

Jonah: Luna wait, im sorry if I made you tell me about something I'm not even suppose to know. You dont need to tell me anything else ok?
Luna: Ok.
Jonah: Good.

Jonah still didn't want to let her go so he turned her around and hugged and her then he was just about to kiss her when the bell rang. He kissed her head. Luna was blushing madly and she really wanted him to kiss her. He walks her to class and says good-bye.

Francesca: What happened, you came back all red and stuff?
Luna: Nothing we was just talking. He asked me was I in his dad's office and I said no.
Francesca: He always think that he saw you from somewhere.
Luna: Yea I know.


A nice girl who doesn't know a lot about the real world, and often gets confused about things she doesn't understand. Even though she's been raised in solitude for most her life, she's a fast learner and quickly picks up on things. She is a kind person, with amazing spy skills and a tough commander. Her name as a student is Luna Collins. Luna has feelings for Jonah but likes Oliver as just-a-friend. In the 4th book, she kissed Jonah with him promising that he'd keep her secrets.

Count Heinrich Von Brucken
The main bad guy in the whole series. He's more of a comic villain. Luna breaks into his embassy in Paris where she discovers files on students in Noble High for "Project Scion". What project Scion truly is remains a mystery until the very end. It is a plan to take the sons and daughters (scions) of the important people sending them there, clone and genetically enhance them, replace the clones minds with the minds of Bruckenstien loyalists that have been studying them for years, then place them back in Noble High as "students".

Francesa is the daughter of Spanish diplomats. She is described to have red hair. She once hung out with Elizabeth Westbrook and her gang until Luna appeared to the school. From the first day Francesa met Luna, she became fast friends with her and Oliver Riggs. Elizabeth gave Francesa the choice of either hanging with her or hang with Luna and Oliver. Francesa eventually chooses Luna and Oliver and Elizabeth has picked on her ever since. Francesa, in the 4th book, is shown to have some feelings toward Oliver but because Oliver's crush on Luna blinds him so, she disregards it and falls in love with Timothy, a boy at the school. She often expresses how gross she thinks the genetic engineering and clones are, so Luna telling her about her secrets will be hard.

Oliver Riggs
The son of Charles Riggs, a security guard at the U.N. His mother, Bowie O'Shea, was a musician who left after Oliver was born. Oliver was the outcast at Nobel High, being a 'loser skater'. When Luna came to their school, Oliver develops a crush on her. He knows that Luna likes Jonah very much, but he doesn't accept it. He does not notice that Francesa has or had a crush on him. He later finds out Luna's identity when they are being attacked by a clone of Elizabeth Westbrook.

The son of Luna's main enemy, Count Von Brucken. He goes to the same school as Luna. He is mysterious, brooding, and handsome. He later ends up falling in love with Luna. He was expelled in the third book for beating up a boy named Erich Kohler. In the 4th book, he was able to return to Nobel High. Also in the 4th book, he tells Luna he knows everything about her, ever since their first meeting in Paris. During the end of their mission with Charles trying to break into the UN files the first time, he promises Luna that he'd protect her secret and kisses her. He later nearly betrays her when he learns that her Control Agent was the one who killed his mother, but saves Luna, Francesa, and Oliver in the end.

Jennifer "Control" Kajiwara
Luna's by-the-book control agent, Control poses as Luna's mother, but hates working with Dr. Andy. Contrary to Dr. Andy's priorities, Control is usually more concerned with the integrity of the mission rather than Luna's welfare. Ironically, Control, who has raised Luna ever since she was "born" in a secret lab, is the closest thing Luna has to a mother. In the 4th book, it is shown that she's developed feelings for Andrew "Andy" Collins. She is later revealed to be Luna's real mother and the reason she is so set on Luna's not failing is so that government won't destroy her. At the end of the third book, Control takes over the position of science teacher at Nobel High.

Andrew "Andy" Collins
Usually called "Dr. Andy." He poses as Luna's father, and at first dislikes working with Control. Unlike Control, he is very concerned about Luna's emotional health, and often gives Luna social advice that Control is unable to provide. In the 4th book, he quits over Control's pushing him to make Luna OK with killing, but he decides to stay for Luna's sake and due to Control threatening his safety once he leaves. It may be possible for him to have developed feelings for Control.

Timothy Hyatt
A very smart boy attending Noble High. After Dr. Warren is busted for her cloning experiments he was dragged along by his friend Martin who started using the lab to clone dates for the upcoming spring dance, the first of which rampaged and died shortly after being made from poor cloning. He offers to help Francesa with science and develops a crush on her. Despite Martin's insisting he won't clone her for the dance. Later the boys are hired by Von Brucken but Timothy turns on them and frees Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Westbrook
A spoiled brat of a British Scientist and Diplomat. She is the most popular girl at Nobel High. She was once friends with Francesa until Luna came to Nobel High and Francesa became friends with Luna and Oliver. Elizabeth gave Francesa a choice between her or Luna. Francesa decided to be with Luna and Oliver, so Elizabeth started to pick on her. She went out with Jonah Von Brucken as a way to tick off Luna but she broke the relationship after the first semester. Elizabeth has two lackeys that follow her, Heather(short haired girl)and Ashley(dark haired girl). She is later kidnapped by Count Von Brucken under his belief that she is the secret agent he's been looking for. They make a genetically enhanced clone of her and were going to kill her but Timothy turned sides and rescued her.

Principle Ohlinger
The good hearted principal of Luna's high school. She was kidnapped and had her intelligence switched with that of an owl until Luna and Ohlinger's pet owl, Aristotle, saved her and was able to switch Ohlinger's mind back into her body(which had the mental mindstate of an owl).
Mark Dreyfus
The ex-Navy Seal gym teacher at Noble High. He is one of the first to learn of Luna's secret

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