Welcome to my world of memories and temptations.

This is where I'll be posting pictures of me, memories that I want to remember, and things that I really want but probably can't have. Epic things. Artistic things. People wearing awesome clothes. Or...less clothes than they should be? Haha. Just kidding. Maybe. Actually, if you're familiar with Tumblr...this world is going to be like that. And if you want to find me on Tumblr, I'm perplexedhedgehog and if you send me your URL in a comment or PM I'll look for you there.

I want to include others in this, so if you like awesome clothes/have any epic pictures you love, ask me about becoming a guest poster in this world.


Welcome to Night Vale

If you've never listened to Welcome to Night Vale...

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...you should. You should. It has gotten amazing.

I've had trouble with it on itunes, but podbay has it too if anyone's interested, so you can get the podcasts here.

Everybody wants to rule the world

This is an epic Game of Thrones fanvid to Lorde's "Everybody Wants to Rule the World".

Summit, sibling edition

And here is my brother.


A view from the top of a mountain plus or minus one Sara.

Just a mermaid

I found another thing I really like

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