kuroshitsuji in america?!

this is unbleiveable. the second season just came out and now we get a dub??? heeeeeellllllllllll yeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!

here's a preview of there voices!!!

the only problem i have with this video is the fangirls. shut up, you've all seen the sebastian-ceil fan moments before.

any way, I'm fairly pleased with the voice actors!! here's the official list!!

ceil phantomhive- brina palenci
sebastian- J. micheal jatum
grell- daniel fredrick
madame red- lydia mackay
elizabeth- cherami leigh
finny- jason liebrecht
bard- ian sinclair
maylene- monica rial
tanaka- r. bruce elliot
pluto- charles bolton
lau- jerry jewell
prince soma- christopher ayres
agni- patrick seitz

... you do know what this means, right? an english dub is a sign that there will soon be a season dvd. we can all literaly own sebastian.

... and the fangirls rise up to take over the world of animated mid 1800s england and their sexy demon butlers....