I demand that all of you read this. all of it. even if it kills you.

I had no idea this was going on here. and nothing pisses me off more than perverts. you can imagine my extreem amounts of anger due to this person. the creepy thing is, I came in contact with them. so, we should all do our best to stop it. we're all in serious danger here. even the guys. he could be bi. or it's a lesbian female. we can only really, truely stop this person with a full on web rebelion. I think you catch my drift. if any of you come into contact with this discusting creeper, I will hunt them down and ban them if you're to scared. also, if mr./mrs. creepy-ass perv is reading this, you are so dead. I will literaly make sure that this person is gone from this website. I'm not about to let theO become the next chat roulette. this is not that kind of place, and this descusting, perverted, failure of the human race needs to get a job, boyfriend/girlfriend, and quit being such a lonely bastard.