Hi so im jane and i do drawing stuff but i havent in a while because im a highschooler and its fuckin dificult to do things and also the website is not cooperating with me so thats a thing.

any way this mah personal blog n stuff that i use for things and if you want to see more things may i suggest to you my tumblr? its not hipster i swear its toast worth it

any way i dunno u dont have to stay if u dont want to i mean i would like u 2 but hey its ur life bro

Anybody want to do a partner work with me for a challenge?

all we have to do are draw our ocs together. I can whip someone up. I think it would be toast cray if we did and therefor we should. I'm willing to collaberate with anybody. and everybody. We should do it

how to be creative

just watch it all the way through
it wont actually teach you anything
but i want to terrify you

kuroshitsuji bloopers english

voice actors man

they funny


*is really upset about finishing black butler again*

kuroshitsuji liveblog

so i did a thing on tumblr and im putting it here because it makes me giggle omg im so smart

post 1

m just gonna live blog an anime im watching hope you dont mind

post 2

agni hun that bond is gay love

post 3

japan how many times are you going to toot ur own horn ok i get it i know im american we do that too but honestly did u have to bring up curry buns come on now

post 4

damn right prince of india you fuckin listen to ciel i aint playin that boy knows how to respect his demon butler and give him a prize for doin his fuckin job like sex or his soul u kno whatev

post 5

so no one notices the fact that mina has red eyes and surrounded by black fog ok anime i accept

post 6

sebastian will beat the shit out of you with a ladle he dun play you fuckin touch his man u fuckin dIE

post 7

of course sabastian has a fuckin tray of buns on him his pockets are bigger on the inside u fuk hed do anythin fo his man

post 8

theres kindness in those fuckin curry buns n that shit will burn away all yo sins

post 9

agni and sebby r bros now watcha gon do faggot two best butlers in the world will fuck u up

post 10

ok im done live blogging