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You say pink
I say black
You say Joe Jonas
I say Bill Kaulitz
You say Holister
I say Hot Topic
You say Hip-Hop,
I say Pop/Rock.
You say high heels
I say high tops
You say I'm Punk
I say It's better than being a prep
You say I'm weird
if u agree put this on your world

LotR Funny

I do love LotR soso much.

Space Oddity

I do believe this song is the sole reason I will never become an astronaut.


There is something I really, really need to rant about.
So I have been on prescription acne medication since I was eight, and now I am on three different prescriptions for this problem. I have also developed some kind of terminal respiratory condition, so that adds two inhalers and another oral medication. I also have to take a really huge multivitamin, but that doesn't really count. I know this could be much, much worse, but it's just annoying, not being able to breathe properly about 40% of the time.*sigh* OK, I feel a bit better now.