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Overview of the story Part 3

Light is experimenting with the Death Note by killing criminals in many different ways. L is beginning to think that Kira has connection to the Japanese Police force in some way. L starts an investigation into the officers and there families by brining 12 FBI agents into Japan. Ryuk has told Light he is being followed by someone. Light stages a bus jacking, which successfully gives him the identity of the FBI agent following him; Raye Penber. Light decides kill all twelve agents to prevent further investigation related to himself.


Name(s):Mello, Mihael Keehl
Dislikes:Those better than him
Personality:With a desire to become the best, Mello's hatred of Near intensifies when he is named L's successor. Sometimes he lets his emotions get the best of his excellent mind. His realization that he will never be the best drives him to become a criminal in order to reach his gaols.

L Lawlite

Name(s):L, Lwalite, Ryuzaki
Personality:L's childish personality is one that plays a significant part of the story. L hates to lose even if the competition is small. His suspicious by nature and will use any method available to uncover the truth until he is satisfied with the outcome. Due to this he is often misunderstood.

Over view of the story Part 2

Lights father; Soichiro Yagami is a police officer with the NPA. Light devises a plan to cleanse the world of evil and to become the god of the new world. Meanwhile Soichiro and the other officers are discussing the Kira investigation with the assistance of L at the ICPO Meeting. L puts out a public message challenging Kira to kill him, using a criminal set for death row in his place called; Lind L. Taylor. Kira kills the criminal thinking it is L.

Light Yagami

Name(s):Light Yagami, Kira
Personality:Light never back down in his quest to achieve his goals.
Light is so overtaken by evil that he even takes advantage of love. By using Misa Light is able to take advantage of her undying loyalty by using her Shinigami eyes.
After defeating L, Light names himself the Second L. Having taken over the Kira investigation, Light has the perfect cover. Kira continues to spread his influence to the world.