Hey everyone! My name is Chiharu Kazane and as you've probably suspected by now, it's not my real name.
Anyway, just so you know this is actually my first time joining one of these chat websites, so I'm not really sure what to expect, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of things pretty quickly.
I began watching anime and reading manga November 2011 and here's a list of anime/manga I've watched/read:
Bleach - Anime
Inuyasha - Anime
Deathnote - Anime
Blue Exorcist - Anime and Manga
Black Butler - Manga
Naruto - Anime and Manga
Full Moon wo Sagashite - Manga
Ouran High School Host Club - Manga
One Piece - Manga and Anime
I take soooo long to watch anime, my friends Hanako started at basically the same time and she has watched and read for anime and manga than me.
So go on and read my posts, I think it's turning out to be more like a blog...
But, don't worry! There is still anime related stuff in there!

This drawing of Chiharu was drawn by my awesome friend Yoruhana!
Thanks a million Yoru-chan!

One Piece

So, while i was off theO, i decided to start watching One Piece. i guess mostly because i wanted to see if it really was as bad as my friend said it was(and now i found out that it was the style of the art that she hated, -.-')
So i started watching it and i REALLY LIKED IT.
Since i don't really mind what the characters look like, though although i have to admit the characters look a bit unrealistic at times(like the guy with a long square nose) i mostly like it because of the plot and i guess the uniqueness of the pirate theme.
and so now i basically have this One Piece obsession, like what i had with every other anime i watched, though some shorter than others


Lately, I've been doing a bit of fanart and I'm thinking of posting some of them, although i've only colored two...
So anyway, as all you people know, i'm back on theO because i'm in China now and it's not blocked like back where I live. So once i figure out how to get the pics onto my grandparents really old computer, i'll probably post them.
and also, a few questions to the people that actually read my posts:
should i post the pictures that i haven't colored yet? (which is basically all of them exept two. what? i got lazy)
and, should i post them on this world too? i think this world needs more pictures...


Yay! I'm so happy! I got promoted!
I'm and Otakuite++ now!

I'm Officially Back for a Month

Alright! I'm basically back! For a month at least. My damn internet decided to be an idiot and block the otaku so I haven't been on in, like a month. the only reason I'm back on is because i went back to China to visit my relatives and we're staying for a month, so ya
I'm glad I'm back on the otaku! and i'll probably be posting regularily, i hope at least
perhaps i'll post some pics of the places i go too
anyway, bye(i dunno why i said that)
p.s. thanks to the people that actually bothered saying Happy Birthday, which was basically 3 people

I'M Back

Ok, well, sorry for being absent for like, two weeks, my damn comuter refused to unblock theO, right now, I'm even on theO at school. So basically, as my friends would say I died and went to the soul society. So anyway, I'm back now and I guess i'll just catch you up on things that happened when i "died".
Ok, so my friends had wanted me to start reading Black Butler or Blue Exorcist, so as I sorta got bored of Naruto(cuz i had read it so many times) I started reading Black Butler, but then, for some reason, i started watching Blue Exorcist and i made a deal with my mom that I would stop watching anime when I finish the one I was currently reading. So i finished Blue Exorcist in a few days, since it was so short and now i'm not watching anything anymore. Though, i have a plan to keep reading manga. I could load it on my iPod.
Unfortunately, my damn iPod decided to screw up on me and not connect to the internet. So i've been stuck loading the chapters really slowly whenever i go someplace where there is wi-fi. though, fortunately, my school does have free wi-fi. ^.^
But, i could only load a few chapters a day. But then i discovered that i could just download it faster on my cell phone. (and i actually just got my first cell phone last week) so i downloaded the Blue Exorcist manga on my phone. So yeah, basically that is what happened these past weeks.
oh yeah, and i found out that i'm also going back to China this summer! Yay! i haven't gone back in 7 years.
ok, i'm rushing now, cuz i'm running outta time, so yeah that's basically it for now!