For My Secret Santa~

This is for Sayura-chan's(aragorn1014) Secret Santa 2011 event: more info here.


November 16th, 2011

Dear Secret Santa,
How are you doing? The year is almost over and Christmas feels like it’s just around the corner.
Anyway, this is something I don’t do often, but since I have the chance to ask for what I want, I guess I might as well take the chance. I hope whoever you are that you will not mind that I ask of you to draw what I request. That is all I ask for, so you have artistic freedom to whatever you decide to do: any medium, any style, and whatever/how much you want to draw/paint for me; however, I would like it if it wasn’t chibi art though you can if you really, really want too. I really appreciate this, Secret Santa.

Some ideas for the gift are: (♥ = more preferred request)
♥♥ My boyfriend and I: I would love this one the most because I’m collecting a bunch of art of my boyfriend and I~! any of these outfits will work or something pretty casual. For example, he can wear a bright blue(like dodger-blue) t-shirt with dark washed jeans and black low-top Converse shoes, which i can wear plum (dark purple) v-neck shirt with a gray cardigan and dark washed shorts and black high-top Converse shoes.
References: {formal dressed} {chibi art} {more chibi art} {waist shot} {casual outfit}
♥ Gaiaonline avatars: These are mine and my boyfriend’s avatars on Gaia and I’d like it if we could get some art of them. Hopefully, they won’t be too difficult to draw.
References: {male avatar} {female avatar}
• Kamina and Yoko: From Gurren Lagann; original outfits please~
• Cloud and Tifa: From Final Fantasy VII; preferably their Advent Children outfits… maybe Crisis Core outfits
• Gray and Juvia: From Fairy Tail; mm any of their outfits are fine as long as it relates to one another.

• Sora: My Pokémon trainer OC; and if you could pair her up with one Pokémon from her team.
References: {best reference} {an older reference}
• Kotori: My Kingdom Hearts OC; keep her looking like a teenager in her regular Kingdom Hearts outfit.
References: {main reference} {more references here}
• Mew Raspberry: My Tokyo Mew Mew OC; in her Mew uniform is fine.
References: {reference 1} {reference 2}

Thank you for taking your time and reading my long wishlist, Secret Santa. I hope these requests are not too difficult to do. I tried to keep them on the more simple side. If you need more ideas or references for my request, feel free to check out my gallery here on DA or my facebook for more photos of RL me.

Best wishes to you,
Sora ♥