Zarine's Profile (edited)

Name: Zarine
Nickname(s): Rouhi (given to her by Von)
Species: Elf
Age: 113 Years
Gender: Female
Looks: Zarine is a tall elf. She has a very feminine look with a gentle smile. After the incident with her village Zarine smiles little. Part of Zarine’s hair is pinned back by a golden flower to prevent them from covering the side of her face. On her right ring finger Zarine is wears a gold ring which belonged to her mother. Zarine never takes this ring off; it was passed down in her family for generations.
Eyes: Slanted emerald Green
Hair: Long flowing dark brown hair which ends just above her knees. During battles Zarine ties her hair in a high ponytail; otherwise it is very rare to see her hair tied up.
Clothes: Zarine usually wears a long forest green dress which has a gold belt around it. She wears brown pointed shoes and a silver heart anklet around her left ankle. This was given to her by her mate Von.
Personality: Unlike others in her house Zarine loves to be out in the open with nature. Being the daughter of the chief of her village Zarine doesn’t have any real friends. Her one friend also her mate is no longer alive therefore Zarine finds it hard to trust people and doesn’t share her true feelings with anyone. Having lost those close to her Zarine doesn’t let anyone come too close to her; she prefers to maintain a formal relationship with others of her kind and rarely talks to those of a different species (especially humans).
Description: Smart, sensitive, determined, reserved, strong
Position: Dragon egg carrier
Mate: none (Von was killed in a battle between Zarine’s village and a group of rebels)
Likes: Practising swordsmanship and magic, listening to music in the ancient language, nature
Dislikes: Talking to people who she doesn’t know, mixing with too many humans, answering too many questions, being shouted at and taking too many orders.
Past: (see ‘Zarine’s past’)
Fights with: A long sword hand crafted by an elder elf from her village. Her sword has the words ‘strength is from within’ carved on one side.
Varden or Empire?: Varden
House: Dixemay
Fun facts?: When it comes to guests and hospitality Zarine can cook. When Zarine was little her mother used to teach her how to sing and dance, like her mother she loves listening to music in the ancient language, therefore Zarine was the best dancer in her village.